Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A very busy time...

I am utterly grossed out! I was just starting to look through my emails this mornings when I heard a strange rustling sound coming from the kitchen. I followed the sound to the garbage bin just as 2 maggots made their way out of it. Ew! I have never had something like this in my house, it is so gross. I hastily took the bag out and ran through the rain to dump it in the bins belonging to our complex. Then I did a thorough vacuuming through the kitchen so I am hoping they are all gone now.

So now that I have grossed you out, I would like to say hi to all my new followers. Welcome to my blog! :) It was a really busy weekend, or rather from Sunday.

Sunday was my 26th birthday. Oh no, I am over the 25 mark! It was a great day. It was overcast but did not rain until the evening when I was back home and sitting in my pyjamas so yay for that. I spend the morning with some friends. We went to Howick for breakfast, though technically it was already somewhere between brunch and lunch at that time. There used to be a little restaurant there that served one of my favourite desserts, banana and caramel pancakes, with real Treats caramel. Unfortunately for me they were not there any more, so we went to the new restaurant that was in its place. After a long inspection of the menu (and moping over the much anticipated pancakes) I decided on Alfredo pasta and a latte. I always order the Alfredo pasta when I order pasta in a restaurant, I just love the taste. And this was the most delicious Alfredo I have eaten thus far!

After the breakfast we walked around the shops. There is an antique shop there in an old two storey house which is packed with old stuff. Nothing there has ever caught my eye, as almost everything is in dire need of reparation. I am far to lazy for that at this stage in my life. After that we spend the afternoon strolling through the mall as we do every Sunday, mainly because we just wanted to get out of the house.

I got some gorgeous flowers from a friend, together with some chocolate and my first New Moon trading cards :P *swoons* lol.

They have the most interesting flowers. I had to put them in an old coffee can cause it turns out I still don't own a vase!

While we were in Bloemfontein for Christmas I bought my first birthday gift. I saw it 3 months earlier and then my mom said I could have my money earlier so I bought it that same day :)

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Unfortunately for me I started getting a migraine the morning so I practically spend the whole day just lying down. First on the bed until my husband came home, bearing a gift. It was my belated Christmas present, the 4th season of Xena! I really love that show, but it stopped showing here at the end of the third season. I had to wait 12 years to see these episodes! So I moved myself from the bed to the couch for the rest of the day. :)

Oh yes, I am finally starting a job I can do from home. It's not permanent, only till the end of March, but at least it is something. Basically I will be doing a lot of database work.


Robyn :) said...

YUCK!! Maggots totally freak me out. I would not have been able to even touch the bag.

Glad you had a great birthday and anniversary!

The flowers look awesome in the coffee can.

Dizzy Vizzy said...

Happy Birthday & wedding anniversary!! Great necklace!!

As for the maggots - blech, blech & blech! Good job getting them out of the house!!

Daleen said...

Lol thanks guys! Yeah, maggots are really nasty. And cam they move quickly! Even as an entomologist I have no love for them :)

Tails said...

Eeeeew maggots!! Lol! I hate the crawling noise they make! For creepy worm-like creatures, they make a lot of noise!

And I'm loving that "vase" - very green of you to recycle a tin for a vase :)