Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surprise breakaway...

I was just informed that my husband has made arrangements for a nice breakaway for us, though the destination is a surprise :) We were supposed to go to Bloemfontein on the 26th for my dad's 70th birthday, but now we are going on the 19th. Mainly we are going a day early to drop my ratties off at my parent's house, just like a visit to grandparents (its official, my rats are my children), then we are leaving the following day until the 26th when we go for a visit in Bloem. On a sadder note concerning my rats, my little black girl Pan got a lump underneath her forearm. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it has me in tears every time I see it. Luckily I heard that there is a vet that often operates on bats in the vicinity, which feels to be physically close to rats, so if the lump gets really bothersome we can go and see him. I am amazed how quickly it appeared. She was fine the morning and the evening when I took her out the thing was already very visible.

This is also going to be an eventful weekend. On Friday we got another pizza evening and this time we are also taking a friend with us and in that way we will be three straight people in a very gay company. :D On Saturday we will be going to the nice mall where we saw Harry Potter so that we can actually walk through the mall in our own time. And next weekend my inlaws are coming so we are going to be very social for the coming weeks.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sneaky business...

So, you know my husband is at a conference away from home till Monday. On Thursday night, as I was pondering what to have for dinner, he knocked on the door. I am so glad he thinks of doing things like that, imagine I was in the shower and he just came in. Everyone in the surrounding area would hear me screaming, thinking there was a stranger in my house. I was really glad to see him, he did not feel like spending the night at the place where the conference is being held. He got some Chinese take-away so that solved my food issues. :) He was planning on going back at 6 AM the next morning, but it was cold and it is so much nicer to lay in bed, so the 6 AM turned into 8 AM. He was not worried cause his boss was not there and he could miss some of the morning. And then his boss phoned, he was going to the conference that morning. So my husband jumped out of bed and got ready in record time cause he wasn't supposed to be at home, his job is paying for his accommodation at the conference. He did manage to make the hour's drive before his boss came there, but the whole situation was very funny to me. I felt like the dirty mistress (if you have watched Grey's Anatomy you will understand). It felt like we were sneaking around behind other people's backs... hehe.

This has been a very relaxing weekend so far. All I have done today is play Neverwinter Nights... This time I will finish it. :) Tomorrow I want to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, just for a nice change. I will be doing some computer work at the museum next week, so I guess I should get my house tidy before Monday. At least I am feeling very hardworking... :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter outing...

So finally on Friday we went to see Harry Potter. I loved it, it was the best of the series by far. We went with a friend and her friends from Johannesburg. We went to a mall which is about an hour's drive away but it was worth it. Though we only got to see a small part of the mall cause our time ran out, so we are going to return there soon. We had dinner at the Cape Town Fish Market, my first time there, but I will definitely go back there. I had vegetable tempura in a bento box, with noodles, fried carrots and onion, a coleslaw salad with Japanese mayo and a sweet chilli sauce. It was delicious and not even that expensive! The others had sushi which I will try out next time cause I was far too stuffed :).

The cinema itself was very cool, it is really big. And there is like 18 movies showing, which is a lot as our nearby cinemas usually only have 7 or 8. It was such a nice evening... The rest of the weekend was pretty peaceful, with the Saturday ritual of going to our mall being the only other major outing. Today is my husband's birthday, he is 26! :) He is also going to be leaving for another week on Wednesday, but at least its not going to be as long as last time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A very nice surprise...

Yesterday evening I was sitting in front of the TV watching a movie when there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was... my husband!!! He came back a day early and did not say a word! It was such a lovely surprise :). So this morning I am all bright and cheery and got up early. I decided to skip all the pedestrian traffic and walked to the shop to buy milk at 08:00. What a nice time of the day. It is cool outside but not freezing so it was a nice walk. Plus there is no annoying people around at that time of the morning. I think I will take that walk a lot more from now on.

I do have a lot of laundry waiting, but I am so happy today that even that is a joy :) The only damper was I did not get to see Harry Potter on the opening day... We will be going to a big mall called Gateway this weekend to see it with some friends from here and Pretoria. Can't wait for that!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The wait is almost over...

My husband is coming home on Thursday! And its about time too. I handled the situation better then I thought I would, only yesterday was a bad day. Today was too chaotic to even think of him. I woke up this morning at 3AM with a terrible headache. After drinking two pain pills I tried to sleep again, waking up at different times during the morning with no relief. It wasn't a migraine, but it felt just as bad. I finally took a chance and got up around 12 (its really nice being a housewife... :)) and then went to lay on the couch again. So much for productivity today. At least I got to watch a movie (I am watching all the Star Wars movies, again) and when at last I got up at 3PM I was feeling all better. I really hate headaches, the most stupid pain there is. So then I was hungry. I made dinner, at 15:30, and now the kitchen is spotless and I am stuffed, and its only 19:00. :)

I have been reading all kinds of good housewife tips (yes, I am bored) and a few was quite interesting, just don't ask where I got them, can't remember!
  • When you get up, immediately shower and get dressed, including putting on your shoes. I am terrible at this. When I get up, I first go to the kitchen and get breakfast. I were never big on breakfast, now I can't go without it. Then I go and sit in front of the computer and look through my emails and spend time on Facebook. And it is so relaxing to do all these things while wearing pyjamas. :) I do put on some shoes, my slippers! lol I did try this advice. The mornings when I get up and get fully dressed before anything else are the days I get the most done so I will be trying that more often.
  • Try to get up earlier. That way you can get everything done before your husband gets home in the evening cause after that you can't get anything done, even if you try. :)
  • Before you go to bed, clean your sink properly. Haha, mine is usually filled with some pots I did not feel like washing. I do feel a lot better in the morning when I walk into a clean kitchen knowing that is one thing I don't have to do.

These are just a few things I picked up and are going to do my best to do them, cause after doing these things I felt more productive and positive then on other days. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now I am freaked out...

The weirdest thing happened tonight. I was playing with the ratties on the bed and they were being very cheerful and hopping around like usual when something happened. They all froze and ran under the duvet. When I lifted it everyone was crouched down and trembling. They were all right the moment I took them back to their cage but I have never seen them react that way while they were on the bed. It freaked me out a bit as well, as animals can sense a lot more than a human can. So I was sitting there with them for a while, goosebumps everywhere. What if my bedroom is haunted... EEK!!!! Hehe, would have noticed that before :) But still it was weird that my rats reacted that way, even the lively one who usually does'nt notice anything. I did feel something earlier. I can usually sense when someone is approaching or entering a room where I am in. Not by noise but it's just something I could pick up on since I can remember. I just know there is someone there. Though this is not something like that, we have lived here for more than a year and haven't seen anything weird. :/ Will still make sure I don't look into any mirrors in the dark, but then again, that is something I will never do... :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And again...

Hopefully I will keep this layout for a while, but its just so nice to make changes! I made this layout from a kit called Digitreats Skip Add-on which I found on this great blog. I can now say I am starting to get the hang of Photoshop, slowly but surely :).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I did it again...

Ok yes, I changed the blog's look yet again, but the difference this time, I made it myself! :) It is not so impressive yet seeing as I am only starting to learn Photoshop, but everything was made from scratch. I got all the scrapbook parts from the Sweet Springtime kit from Summertime Designs and spend the whole day yesterday playing around with it. It was so much fun! It also helps that I am alone at home so I don't have to do anything else lol. I have always wondered about scrap booking and whether I could be creative enough to do it. I guess the best way is to start on the computer, though we have a gorgeous little scrap booking shop at our mall called Prints Charming (sweet name). So I am going to see whether I can start doing this at a new hobby.

Not much else has happened since last week. My sister and her family spend Saturday night here and she gave me a lovely book all about fancy rats. Further I am planning to clean the entire house from one side to the other and go through all my closets and cupboards but I don't think that will be today. :)At least I get to spend some quality time with the rest of the family, though they are still not good with having their photos taken. I did manage to get this one:

This is Lily, my little angel, and she always poses nicely when I take pics. She will then run up to me for a cuddle afterwards cause she knows its her reward for looking pretty. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feeling good...

I was returning a dvd this morning and on my way back (I like walking to the shops) a car stopped next to me. I thought it was someone asking for directions or worse but the guy just wanted to ask me out, even though I was looking like crap! It felt very awkward for a moment, and then a lot better when I could tell him I was married :) lol. Shame, his friends started laughing at him. I wonder how old he thought I was, cause he looked a little shocked to hear I was married... hmmmm...

On a sadder note, my husband is leaving tomorrow for two weeks! This will give me chance to go through all my closets and cupboards and do a rearrange. It is crazy how much free space you have when you make a little change. Hehe, the last time I did this I fell off the ladder. The weekend he gets back has some special occasions, our 1 and a half year anniversary (ok not so big but I like celebrating halves... :)) and my husbands birthday on the 20th. After that 4 days he will be away for another week so that weekend he is here will be my highlight of the month. And hopefully we will be all alone... :)

Yesterday I spent the whole day at my husband's workplace, and again wondered why I wanted to do that job... oh yes, the money... Hmm, what is more important, money or happiness... :\ I also went to the doctor yesterday, all is well and I am very healthy! :)Further, after a week of winter, our warm weather is back! Now I can walk around without a jacket again :)