Sunday, August 29, 2010

Work, work, work...

Wow, its been ages since my last blog. And so much has happened! First of all, my husband is back at home, safely and unscathed :) Second, I just started a new job. I am working for the KZN nature conservation. The place I work out is situated in a nature reserve, and so far I've seen many zebra and dassies, but not much else. The people is all really friendly, and most of them is even Afrikaans!

The work itself is annoying. So far I've been pinning and labelling insects, which resulted in many little holes in my fingers. It is amazing how easily a pin can slip into a finger when you are not concentrating. I have to do some identification this week, which I am not looking forward to. This is the one part of Entomology that I really detest. Luckily this job is only for a month. After that I will be applying to work at Exclusive books, a really great bookshop. I am actually really excited about this. Though I may be working either days, nights or weekends, this is the one job I really want to do :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A month already

Yes, it has been a month since my operation. I am just glad that I am finally feeling like my old self, though my old self had warmer fingers (damn you winter!). The cuts are healing very nicely, and I can stretch my entire body out again!

Had a fabulous time at the Just Jinger concert on Monday, but I will post about that as soon as I have found my camera cable to upload some photos.

Nothing much happening, except for excessive bouts of insomnia that has hit me since last week, but at least I managed to get about 4 hours worth of sleep in last night. Strangely, after I spend almost 48 hours without sleep at the beginning of the week, I do not feel tired, at all! Maybe its all the very healthy food I've been eating :)

My alone time is almost over now, with my hubby coming back on Monday. And then the dreaded job starting on Tuesday. Or rather, it is suppose to start on Tuesday but I haven't heard anything yet... Hmm..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So alone..

And when I mean alone, I mean really alone. At this moment my husband is in Costa Rica! And I am not... It is weird to think it is only 12:30 there, but 20:30 here. It confuses me sometimes :) Luckily the first week is almost over, as he is coming back on the 16th. I am actually enjoying my time alone. Being the big computer geek that I am, almost all that time is spend on playing games. Well, at least the time goes by quicker that way.

I went to the follow up visit to my gynae last week, and it turns out they found nothing wrong while operating. I really feel tortured. So the next step is to lose a minimum of 8kg. Eek! Well, Its been a week and I have lost 1kg:) I started doing the Zumba dance program at home. It is so much fun! I have really missed dancing. All that remains as a challenge is eating healthier. I love to have occasional snacks of chips or chocolate, but I have now replaced that with fruit, namely bananas. Oh and yoghurt. And raisins. Healthy ain't it? It is still going to be a while before I get into the new swing of things, as I tend to start snacking when I get bored or watch a series. It feels like I should be busy munching instead of just sitting there. At least I know this is all going to be worth it when I eventually fall pregnant, which will be helped on a little with meds if nothing happens before next year. Bring on the Clomid!