Monday, January 11, 2010

Kitchen improvements in motion

I am feeling better about my kitchen now than I have felt in quite a while. Not that there was anything wrong with it to start off with, except maybe the drab colour of the cupboards, the layout, you know, little things that to me makes the difference between like and love. So my only option is to brighten it up with accessories, to add a little colour. In the past few weeks three new things have helped a lot towards that.

1. A new dish drying rack. Our old one was a nice light grey colour, but it always seemed to look dirty to me, even though I washed it at least once a week. I have to use the thing every day so I might as well have a nice one to keep me cheerful. I looked at different colour ones in the shops but most of these shops sold them for ridiculously expensive prices. Then a while back I was wondering around and bam, there was cheap drying racks, in other colours! I got one in a beautiful shade of something between light and sky blue (I am terrible at identifying different hues).

2. Kitchen mats. We used to have one of those long carpets that belong in hallways in the kitchen. It was nice in the winter cause no one wants to stand on ice cold tiles all the time. But it was not looking very good so I went on a search for 2 smaller kitchen mats. Looked at cheap ones but no colour ever clicked with me until I found some really cheap ones while I wasn't exactly looking for them (funny how that works). Now I have 2 very colourful mats, with base colour black(ish) and thin stripes of neon green and pink. And it works!

3. Finally, kitchen curtains. We have blinds in the kitchen but I can't keep them closed all day long, and I don't always want them open so that everyone can look inside. So I found a pair of green curtains that is thin enough to let the light in whenever I want to close them, and which can also tie back when I want it open. They are not up yet, seemed to be out of curtain clip thingies, but will post pics of all of these things as soon as I find my camera, which seems to have hidden itself along with the batteries.


Tails said...

Yay for new things! We're awaiting delivery on a dish washer so I know just how you feel :P

Daleen said...

Ooh that's exciting! It's gonna be a while before I can get one :) Need a new microwave first.

mrs.pinkpearls said...

You have an award on my blog. :)