Monday, August 31, 2009

The big surprise

I was surprised beyond imagining when I finally found out where we were going :). I had so many ideas running through my head at the time and I had managed to confuse myself a great deal. So I was so happy when I saw that we were turning in to the airport, we were flying! And to where? Cape Town! It was the coolest thing ever cause I've never been there and I hadn't flown for 14 years. This just shows that I got the best husband ever!

The flight itself was really great. We took off in sunny weather so I spend almost all the time staring out of the window. Then as we came nearer to Cape Town we started descending into some clouds, but I could still make out some snow on the surrounding mountains. We were scared that we were going to have crappy weather for the rest of the time there but thankfully the rest of the week was sunny and cloudless. I will be doing each day as a separate post cause there is just too much to say and too many photos to show. I can very well say that this was the best holiday of my life! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going on holiday

Yay, just one more day then we are leaving. It feels like I haven't left home in ages (trips to Durban doesn't really count). I am sooo excited about this trip, mainly because I don't have a clue where we are going. Almost feels like a second honeymoon ;)

There is also a chance that I might be working from home very soon, doing graphic illustrations. It's all still in the works, but it will be exactly what I need. It would be so nice to earn money while still being at home and choosing my own hours.

It's going to be about two weeks before I blog again, and then I will be back with lots of photos! As you can see, I was bored yesterday and redid my entire blog again. It's very girly bit I am loving this look. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jeans that fit

I have such a big problem in finding jeans that fits me properly. They always fit perfectly at the top (got to love hipsters, they sit so nicely :)) but they are usually too long. I am only 1.54 meters tall so length is a big problem for me. Then today my husband and I went into Edgars and he drew my attention over to the area of the shop where the clothes for taller people is kept. And there it was... an area with clothes for the shorter people! I bought two jeans today that have the perfect length, and I feel so good in them! So yay for me! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just an update

I have been a terrible blogger, but there isn't much to blog about at this stage. My in-laws came for a visit this weekend and only left on Tuesday so I am yet again enjoying the state of having my home for myself. Earlier this year I had bought some chenille throws for my couch, but they have started to make a mess on the couch. Have you ever seen dust bunnies? Now, picture them in orange and green and stuck to every possible area on a big couch. This was my situation this morning. I managed to brush most of it off and replaced the old throws with some new ones. The new ones are a thicker material so I am hoping they will do better than the old ones. I wanted green and orange again but the green was a little bit too bright so I settled with orange and a dark beige. I may have to find some green cushions now, need a little bit of colour :).

I am going to be away for a while now. We're leaving on Wednesday and only coming back the Sunday of the next week. Then I will have lots to blog about! I still have no clue as to where my husband is taking me next week but I will really go anywhere at this stage that is not somewhere I've been before. Hmm, what else to say... Oh yes, summer has come early this year. On Tuesday it was 15 degrees celsius in the town where one of my friends live, and 30 degrees here! It was a bit of a shock to feel that type of heat all of a sudden. Only this morning I saw that the tree in our backyard which had been bare a few days ago is covered with leaves! Hopefully I won't be freezing next week wherever we are going.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My new addiction...

I have always watched my husband play online games and I was never really drawn to it. Then came RoseZa. It is a South African online game which is the most fun I had in a long time. My husband and his best friend is also playing, along with about 300+ other South Africans. Basically you create a character, find a job and do a lot of quests (which includes endless amounts of times running around the world you play in) The game is really cute and quite challenging at stages. I love it :) I am ranking no 93 at the moment. So basically this was all we did on Saturday. We even got up early for it haha. We did get out of the house as well this weekend, so we have not completely lost contact with reality :)

On Friday we had another pizza evening with friends, and I got to have a Santa Fe pizza. This is my favourite pizza at Pannarottis, mainly because it has both mushrooms and pineapple on, which is my favourite toppings. Usually I have to choose between the two, as they never seem to appear together on a pizza. Furthermore the pizza was topped with salami and Italian sausage... and now I am getting hungry... :) Yesterday we spend the day at the two big malls in our area, which is about an hours drive. It would have been a really nice day, had I not felt like I was dying... I have had a sore throat for a couple of days, but yesterday my body just decided to turn against me, causing me to walk around in a daze, but it was still nice to get out. I am feeling better today luckily, and even vacuumed the entire house!