Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anniversary Dinner..

We could not go out to dinner on our anniversary, pity that it was on a Monday, but we did go on Saturday the 24th! We went to a Restaurant/Guest House type place called Caversham Mill which is about 40 km outside PMB. Unfortunately is was raining again so I could not take a lot of pics (will go back someday for that :)). I managed to get some pics from the two tables we sat at:


It started of with drinks outside on the porch. I had a Dom Pedro (Frangelico) and should say that it tasted more like a milkshake, so I may have drank it too fast.. :). It was a bit cold outside so we moved inside where there was already a fire going, gave the place a fantastic atmosphere. We were alone in the beginning, the other guests only came a little later. I ordered a Berg Trout and did not read that it was in fact whole. I expected a nice square piece of fish to arrive but was then greeted by a whole fish, including tail and head. My husband saw through the face I put on to mask my shock, he found it so funny. I have never had a fish like that before so I had no idea where to start! In the end after I figured it out it was very delicious! After dinner I had some meringue dessert with berries and cream, which was great. Finished off with a cafe latte. It truly was a great way to celebrate our first year together and we make it a yearly treat, though next time I may not order the fish.. lol :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

1 year anniversary...

Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe that the time has flew past like this! A year ago this was the most interesting day of my life. My hair was done at 6 AM and then I was rushed to the girl who did my make-up, meeting up there with my photographer. Luckily everything went very smoothly that day. :) There was a 120 guests at our wedding, and the wedding was held at Kopano Nokeng in Bloemfontein. My husband and I have been dating 4 years and 10 months at that stage, with 1 year and 3 months spent being engaged.

The honeymoon was spent in three different places. One night at the Karoo National Park, sleeping in a tent on the ground cause our blow up mattress did not want to blow up (was really sore the next day :/). Then we spent 5 days at a resort in Sedgefield and 3 days at a guest house in Port Elizabeth. It was really a time that I will always remember and cherish. :) This is just some pics from the wedding:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well, its been a really long time since I blogged, explains why I could never keep a diary for longer than a week lol. The holiday season was spent in Bloemfontein with all my family. We left on the 23 of Dec and stayed in Bloem for about 12 days. The 24th was my mom's birthday, she turned 66! The evening was spent at my sister's house where we had a fish braai, a tradition for the last few years. This was followed by a very peaceful week at home where nothing really happened. :) New years was spent at my sister's house again, with one of our friends and their neighbours making up the numbers. The evening was spent mostly by intensive dart competitions, which caused me to have a terribly sore arm the next day, and weird dancing moves by all the 30 plus men in the company, (this actually got more funny the more they drank!). When everyone was really tired and the alcohol had worked its influence, we played Balderdash. This game is really funny when played with the right crowd, and most of the time everyone would just lay around over the table, laughing so much you could not get up. I should say, this new years was a lot calmer in Bloemfontein than previous years, almost no commotion after 12??

After we got back I finally got to watch the movie Twilight. It is now one of my favourite movies of all time, it haunts you long afterwards. The book is even better, though I am struggling to find the second, third and fourth books. Had to order them on the internet. My birthday was yesterday and I got a trip to Durban. First we went to Ushaka Marine World and I should say it was wonderful. The aquarium is in an old ship and the tanks is beautiful. They had the sweetest big turtle but when I finally went back to take a pic he was gone *sob*. They also have a tank full of sharks, did not like the look of their teeth.. :) There is a small collection of reptiles and things which included some big spiders which I really do not like and also some poisonous frogs, which were very sweet and colourful. And a huge bullfrog, something I also once had. My toad got a bit aggressive with me when I was feeding, many times mistaking my fingers for food so I gave him to someone who works with them for a living. This is just some pics from uShaka:

This fish followed us from window to window, loved to pose!
Scary shark..
Some other characters
Me and my husband with the aquarium in the background

After this we went to the Pavilion shopping mall and after getting really lost looking for shops I bought the first season of Xena! I just loved those shows..

I am starting to do part time work for an old lady at the museum this week, she is 82! Have to update her earthworm database on the most ancient computer I have ever seen.. *sigh*. Will see how that goes.