Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What else!

I am so glad I decided to finish some things yesterday, like, the washing for instance, and all the dishes. Cause last night just before we had to go to dinner, which was fabulous by the way :), I heard a faint dripping sound. First I thought it was outside due to all the rain that we've had, but then I realized it was a little closer to me. And then I saw the little puddle forming just below the cupboard under the sink, the location of our geyser. Ah yes, the geyser is now totally leaked out, finally empty, leaving me with no water... EEK! It..sucks... Luckily we always have a bottle of water in the fridge but let me tell you, brushing teeth with ice cold water is not very pleasant.

Now about the weather. Our winter was warm, so warm we wore summer clothes. Then came October, which is supposed to be spring, so it is usually very warm. I think we have had a total of 3 days sunshine so far this month. The rest of the time its been raining, and its been cold :/. But don't think I am complaining, I love rainy weather, but very often I have to do a thing called laundry and rain don't work with that. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining very brightly and I felt a bit of anger about that, being without water and all, but now it is completely overcast again. This is the thing I feel thankful for today. My father-in-law is coming somewhere this afternoon,, and at 2 PM the plumber is coming. This is not how I planned my day! This is the other thing I am thankful for: think of the damage we would have had when we came home and found, after a month, that the geyser started leaking. Now that would have been a disaster lol.

Well, I guess I am back to packing now. I just cleaned the rat cage, and still need to fix up the spare room, so I still have a very busy day ahead of me *sigh*

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's almost time

For what is that? My husband is leaving for Europe and Britain on Saturday, but before that, we are leaving for Bloemfontein on Wednesday, and before that, my father-in-law is coming here tomorrow. The worst thing is, what do you take with you for a month? Clothes and those types of things are easy, but its the other things that rattles my head. Thankfully I will be taking my computer along. And then there are the ratties and all their belongings (food , bedding etc.) Cause what can I say, a month is a very, very long time away from home...

We spent the entire afternoon yesterday visiting a friend and yet again it made we wonder if we should not try to find a home in that neighbourhood. Her home is huge, her kitchen is gorgeous (Mine is terrible) and she has 3 bedrooms. The rent in that area is the same than we pay now, but I am not very fond of the surrounding area itself. Ah I am rambling on again, my head is so full of things at the moment that I am not thinking very clear at the moment. Luckily tonight we are going out to dinner with friends and then hopefully I can relax a little. Next time I will be blogging again, I will be in Bloem...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 5, the final day...

And so finally we come to the last day of our trip. We decided to take one more chance on Table mountain and... success! We went there 2 days earlier but it was too windy which was a pity cause that day looked like this.

On Tuesday we went at about 09:30 and did not even stand in a row waiting! We got our tickets and were on the first cable car up :). Here the car is coming down towards us.

And this is to show just where we were standing at that moment.

It was not scary at all! The whole trip up was over in a matter of minutes. This was our first glimpse of Cape Town.

It was still a bit misty at that stage, with a couple of clouds approaching, but the most of the morning was nice and open.

Some of the inhabitants of the mountain

And finally we got a awesome tourist from America to take a photo of me and my husband together :)

The clouds started to move in after this so we made our way down again, this time with camera in hand.

After this we took a trip to the Afrikaans Taal monument (a monument constructed for our language, weird). It is quite an ugly monument from the outside, but it looks cool looking from the bottom up.

After this we went to visit a friend in Stellenbosch who showed us around the campus for a while before we went home and started packing for the trip back home. It was so much fun to fly back again! I love planes... :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 4, Part 2

After our little penguin excursion we made our way to the harbour to book a whale watching tour. This tour we chose cause the sharks was too expensive and we had already done the seals, so the only option left was whales. I am really glad we chose this one cause it was fantastic! Not only did we see 5 whales in total, two of them spend a good 30 minutes playing under the boat! A bit scary that, but so worth it.

This is the 2 of them approaching. From far we only made out a glow under the water, then realized it was the one whale's back that looked like it was covered by cow skin!

Here we were given a little nudge from the one, causing the boat to shake a bit, which in turn caused me to panic a bit lol. They kept swimming from one side of the boat to the other.

This was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life.

After the tour we decided to go to Cape Point. It was so beautiful, but extremely tiring. This was taken halfway, and the rest gave me chance to get some photos of the view.

After a couple more stops (I hate climbing by the way) we made it to the lighthouse and was greeted with this sight.

Now that's a lot of water lol. So our day 4 excursion came to an end. We were suppose to attend Tails's birthday party that evening, but I had terrible heatstroke from the day out on the boat, so I was lying down the rest of the evening :). Will make sure I put our last day up tomorrow!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 4, Part 1

This was going to be a long post, so I will be splitting it in 2 yet again :). On day 4 which was a Monday we made our way back to Houtbay, hoping to ride along Chapman's Peak, but found it closed during weekdays. So we made our way via an alternative route to Simonstown. We waited on this spot in Fish Hoek foe almost 20 minutes, but at least we had a nice view.

And then finally we made it to Simons Town!

Our main objective for that day was to go out on some more boat trips, especially one with sharks :). Unfortunately it turned out to be way to much for our pockets, and while we decided what to do we went to Boulder Bay. Now, Boulder bay is one of the cooler places I have seen in my life, mainly because it's a sanctuary for penquins, which I adore!

Can you say trouble in relationship? lol

This little sweetie was half asleep as we took the photos, and opened its eyes only when I pushed the button. Just a little while later 4 others made their way over to us. The problem for them was a stick sticking out across the path they walked on. Each of them would put one foot over, then the other foot got stuck causing them to fall over. It was so funny!

The nice thing about this area is that there is some areas covered in vegetation for them to nest in, but also a stretch of beach just for them. Some birds had however taken over all the rocks.

This is one of the many pathways they must have walked out for themselves. It was so cute to see them come down a path in such a neat row!

In this week I will be posting our whale watching, Cape Point and Table mountain trips.

In present times, :), it has been quite cool for a week now. It has not rained hard yet but there is some slight drizzle everyday, which makes this fantastic weather. I love it when it rains, not so much when the sun is shining. One of my friends had a house-warming on Saturday and thank goodness it was sunny weather. He built a flat on his parents yard and I must say I did not expect a yard that big! They seem to be living halfway into a forest! It..was..huge... Well only a little more than three weeks to go until my husband goes overseas and I go to Bloem (that just sounds wrong :/). He is planning to go to Costa Rica next year and this time I will really try to go with, I am not staying home again!