Thursday, August 11, 2011

Owie ouch!

I am in such discomfort right now. While I was trying to fall asleep on Tuesday night I managed to get my little finger nail on my left hand stuck... and it lifted up halfway... !!!!!! I am very very squeamish when it comes to nails, so I did not even want to look at the damage. I instinctively put my finger in my mouth and tasted the blood. Instead of getting up and checking in the light I just laid there and cried myself to sleep. Well today is day 2 and it still not feeling better. I keep bumping it into things and every time it stretches I want to scream.

At least the rest of the weekend was fun. Think I spend the majority of it sleeping though. Also went out for sushi, watched Captain America, which was awesome, and played a lot of games (Lord of the Rings online is very very bad for your free time :)) On Tuesday we went to the opening of the shop belonging to some of our friends. They are selling antique french furniture and it is beautiful! Stopped by there that morning for some cake and champagne, yummy :)

Why is it that always after a long weekend, the rest of the work week seems to drag by sooo slowly... *sigh*

Friday, August 5, 2011

Yay for public holidays!

This has been a real tiring week, feels like I could sleep for a day, which I will probably do tomorrow. Tuesday is National Woman's Day here in South Africa, so seeing as it is a public holiday, I took Monday off as well. It is going to be so nice to just relax. It is crazy how working full time can ruin everything, like making you too tired to get any housework done. There just doesn't seem to be enough time for anything, or rather to enjoy doing anything :/

We have now, after 3 years of living here, only started to get out and do some awesome activities that we never really could do. We live an hour from the beach now, and one day when it is warm enough again we will be going body boarding. The other thing is ice skating. There are 2 rinks from us, both under an hour and a half drive. I spend almost my entire childhood on wheels, starting with roller skates, and then moving on to roller blades, which was never as much fun as the former. And then there is ice skating. Without much effort I can whirl around the rink with ease, ducking out of the way of people about to fall or going to slow. It is such a high. It is something I wished I could have done since I was little, but alas, my hometown had no rink... I just wish the shoes were a little more comfortable.. Would be nice to have my own :)

So yeah, only have about 3 hours of work left, then off to eat some sushi to start the long weekend off with. Oh yes, and find my camera cable for my computer, which has disappeared yet again *sigh*

Enjoy your weekends!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am seriously back now...

Yes, I know I have said this countless times, but for the first time I am actually missing blogging! :) So, a quick update of what is going on in my life at the moment:

  • I have stopped TTC, at least for the next 3 to 5 years. It was a really difficult decision to make, but we are not settled enough for a baby right now. And also I am tired of not succeeding. So I am going back onto the pill to settle all my raging hormones with the hope that the migraines will also stop.
  • Yes, I still get migraines, had a nasty one yesterday. They are supposedly hormonal, so have very little control, if none.
  • This is probably the coldest winter we have ever had here. Today is 11°C! And it is raining, in winter! Thank you global warming for that one. Still I got to wear my awesome gumboots.
  • I will be taking pics of all the things I want to share with you. It has been so long since I felt like doing these things. It is about time :)
  • I am working full time now, for as long as my year contract allows, which would be a year lol. Hopefully next year I could get something permanent so that we can finally get a loan to buy our own place.
Hmm, that's it for now, should probably get back to work.

(I was close to starting a new blog, just as a start over, but I think I may stick to this one. Maybe a little redecorating will be in order :))

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm back to normal!

Remember how negative I was in my last post, which was ages ago? That was depression talking. It had never hit me as hard as it did this year, and I finally got some help. My doctor put me on an anti-depressant called Zoloft, which gave me the most terrible side effects during the first week. At this moment, I am so grateful that I started taking the pills. I haven't felt this relaxed and happy in a very long time, and I also seem to think more clearly about things that in the past would have caused an emotional breakdown from my side. I am on the pills for 6 months now, and after that I will be re-evaluated to see if I should stay on them or not.

Big things have been happening to me, most noteworthy is the fact that I got my first full-time job! I am now a Data Capture Technician at the same museum that my husband works at, which makes him my boss. Today was my second day and I can honestly say that I am loving every moment. Unfortunately my husband is away to Cape Town till Friday, so it felt a little depressing to walk into a quiet house when I came home today, but at least I am handling it better that usual :)

We also started with a new hobby! We have taken up body boarding, having received our new boards on Saturday. It is so nice to have something fun like that to do while at the same time getting plenty of exercise and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D.

I just came back from a nice holiday at the seaside with my family and must say it has done the world of good to me, had such a great time. Well, I should go get my dinner out of the oven, will chat again later :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have returned, I think...

The only new years resolutions I made had to do with writing. I had promised my self that I would write a piece of my novel everyday, fail, and blog and comment on other blogs at least twice a week, bigger fail. In all honesty, I haven't felt like my self in quite some time. I have nothing to complain about, with a wonderful husband, a great family and many friends, but I feel utterly negative abut my live still. I have two degrees, but I don't feel if I have achieved anything. There was a stage when I had all these dreams, and now I don't think that any of them will ever happen. In truth, I have no idea who this person in my reflection is, and that scares me a lot.

I deleted all the different copies of my novel this morning, then sat down and started again. Fresh. I am currently on 966 words, and for the first time I am happy with it. It may take a while, but I will get back the person that I used to be.

And look, we finally have a gate for our garden again, just to let you know :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Today I turn 27, which I think is just an awesome age. I have always liked any age that contains the number 7, mainly because it's my lucky number, and it is just so pretty. Today also marks the start of my year. Yes, I know, the new year started more than 2 weeks ago, but so far it pretty much sucked. Why, you ask?

                                                      I had eye surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, not really technically surgery of my eye, more around the cyst that made its home in my lower eyelid, but still close enough to the eye area. My first appointment was at 4PM, which is a really late time for a very nervous person like me. Did I mention I hate needles? I do.

The doctor informed me that I have 2 options to choose from. Firstly, he would give me a local anaesthetic into the eyelid and then remove the cyst while I watch. It was a good thing that I was sitting at the time, else I would have either fainted or vomited. Sounds real easy, except for the whole needle inserted between eyelid and eye, while I am watching, and also, the phrase needle inserted between eyelid and eye. Seriously!! My eyelid and the whole eye region jumps like a bunny rabbit while just applying eye-liner. I think the doctor must have seen that I turned deathly pale, for he quickly mentioned option 2, general anaesthetic.

I would have hugged the man if it would not have been frowned upon. Suddenly I was all for the operation. I won't feel anything! I won't see the needle! Heck, I won't see the scalpel! I quickly agreed on option 2, and my operation was scheduled for the 11th.

I am happy to say that everything went smoothly, except for 4 little details.
  1. I did not receive the happy pill. This is a wonderful little pill that makes all your cares float away. It makes you wave to everyone around you, see rainbows and little butterflies instead of sharp objects in the theatre and even makes you look as they insert a needle into you, causing you to say ooh and ah instead of ouch.
  2. The anaesthesiologist can't insert an IV needle into my hand without really hurting me and giving wake to the idea of punching a doctor. 
  3. Yet again no one asked me to count down from 10. Does this only happen in movies and TV shows? I want to know how far I can go!
  4. Th first year nurse nearly dropped the IV bag on my head after telling me to not get any pressure on my eye. It hit my shoulder instead..
Oh yes, one last thing, never let your husband take photos of you while you are still groggy from anaesthetic. The pirate jokes are still following me around a week later, in the form of birthday wishes. I only looked like this for one day!

I did manage to pillage something while in pirate mode, the sticky things they stick on your chest. I felt guilty for a couple of seconds... and then smiled guiltily at the rudest receptionist in the world. After that I was just happy.