Friday, December 12, 2008

Holidays.. almost..

Well it has been a very long time since I blogged, but it has been hectic. I am finishing my job on Monday (no more earthworms!!! :) ). Then I have a nice week at home before going to my other home in Bloem for Christmas. Of course its not all fun next week, I have to go to the doctor cause I think my thyroid gland (think that's what its called) may be giving some problems. Hopefully not, but it will explain the funny things my body keeps doing. I am quite nervous about it, don't like needles! (they have to do a blood test).

At the end of November I went to Bloem for a weekend and then to the Sterkfontein dam for a week. It really is a very inpressive dam. This was taken on the cliff near our chalet:

We stayed at a resort called Qwantani. It has some nice walking routes, horseriding and some other activities. One of these included a ferry ride on the Dam itself, which took about one and a half hours. It was my first time on a boat type thing that's not a canoe so it was very nice. :) This is just a picture of the resort:

I will be in Bloem from the 24th to the 4th of January so I am going to have a nice time at home, strange how I still call it my home, after all I don't really live there anymore. We finally bought a new car last month, which my husband just adores, though so far it has only cost us a lot of money.. typical. Nothing noteworthy has happened further, but some big things will happen next month. I am turning 25 and two days later is our one year anniversary! :) And hopefully next year I may even decide what I want to do with my life...sigh..