Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It is really, really hot...

I think we experienced the hottest day of the year today. It is 38 degrees outside, and even though all the doors are closed and most curtains drawn, it's a whopping 35 degrees inside! If this goes on my body will be all dried out by tonight. One positive point on this weather, my clothes only took 10 minutes on the washing line to get dry this morning. I also took only about 5 minutes to get some light sunburn lol.

Sorry if the next paragraph is too much information but I just got to say that my boobs are really hurting! I am hoping this may be an early pregnancy sign (keep all thumbs cross!) but if not then something is not right. I am truly hoping that I will be pregnant next year, it feels like a good year for that :)

Also a big priority for next year is to finish at least one of my novels. I have been a lazy writer in the last month, mainly because my computer is not with me and I prefer to write on it. I have now taken to writing the old fashioned way, by means of pencil and paper. This I keep next to my bed for in case I get some inspiration at night, which seems to happen quite often nowadays.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ah Christmas time... already?!

How fast did this year not pass! Seems like Christmas was just last month lol. We made the mistake of going to the shops yesterday, not for Christmas shopping, but for strolling. It was so busy! We have one big mall in our city, and not mush else, so everyone was there. Some days I have the patience to walk in a crowded shopping centre without getting annoyed, but yesterday was a different story. It seems all the stupid people in the world walked in front of me and made a point of just randomly stopping in front of me in the middle of the passages! I had such an urge to walk over them or hit them with something... We did all our shopping online again, but it seems both my and my husband's gifts are going to be to late for the tree. We usually open our gifts on the evening of the 24th, which is also my mom's birthday.

Heard some sad news today. One of my friends from school lost her husband yesterday morning. It is so sad, even worst because they have 2 little girls as well. I feel so sorry for her. I don't think I would be able to handle losing my husband, I would go mad. Even 2 days without him is too long...

We are leaving for Bloem...again...on Thursday. I will try to blog in that time, depending on whether I have internet there. If not, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I am very keen for January as I turn 26 and our 2nd wedding anniversary is only 2 days later!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So my kitchen was clean...

My husband loves to cook. I have absolutely no complaint about that, cause it is lower on the list of things I like to do :). All that amazes me is how one person can make such a big mess. The mess also seems to be a lot bigger on the days when I took extra care in cleaning all the counters and things... *sigh*. It is all worth it in the end however, especially last night. He made a Guinness Pepper steak pie. All I can say is yummy! We had a taste of these pies in Stellenbosch during our Cape Town trip. I am quite impressed with him, he can cook any time he likes and I will happily clean up afterwards.

My stupid cold is better, but I am still not rid of it. My hearing is improving a little bit, as a couple of times a day my ears open up with so much force that it feels like my eardrums are bursting. Then, a couple of minutes later, it closes up again. It feels like I am being tortured!

This has not been an interesting week here. It is supposed to be the middle of Summer, but it has been raining everyday so far, which is normal, though it feels like Winter temperature wise. In other parts of South Africa people are complaining about the heat again. So thank you for messing up our seasons global warming, and if it is not too much to ask, maybe skip Summer this year? Make it snow instead? Ah well, so much for wishful thinking, today is unfortunately blue skies and sunshine, but the clouds have not disappeared yet.

Oh yes, I found a solution to my shelve problem in my bedroom. We only have 3 shelves in the bedroom closet, which is really stupid craftsmanship for me, so it has been a struggle for me to find space for everything. I have some hanging material shelves for my shoes, but nothing else but shoes and socks will go in there. Then on Sunday, during our weekend ritual of strolling through the mall and going for coffee and french fries, I make a discovery. It is called a sweater shelf (picture courtesy of and it can fit so many clothes in it! I guess I am getting all excited about something that has probably been available forever, but it was the first time I ever saw it :)

Well I guess that's it. Still waiting for the gardener who has either forgotten to come or is running a little late. Going to see my first 3D movie this weekend, Avatar, and I am really stoked about that!

Monday, December 7, 2009

All is well again...

Finally I can say that I am all alone at home again (alone referring to my husband being at work). My husband is back, we are back at home and still I am not feeling to good. This is due to the fact that I am staring into a half empty rattie cage. I had to have two of my girls put down a week ago, but I will write about them in another post.

Everything went well with my husband's return and that is quite a big relief to me seeing as I was having all kinds of silly dreams about airplanes falling and things like that lol. He got me 3 gorgeous gifts which I would like to show now but my camera batteries is remains hidden :). The first is a beautiful Twilight music box... yes, a TWILIGHT music box! And yes, I have watched New Moon twice so far and absolutely loved it! Ok, back to the gifts... The second was a little celtic necklace which I will rather post a picture of later then trying to explain how it looks. The third is a rat in an egg, a teeny tiny egg, but the teeny tiny things I am collecting will also be another post, as soon as my camera is working again, preferably this week :).

Just before we left our geyser broke. I thought that we would be stuck with an awful mouldy smell of the wood in the cupboards that got wet. Well, nothing happened there. Instead, the plumber were smart enough to think they turned the correct power on again, which they did not, so my fridge were off for 3 weeks... Aaaaahhhh! The smell was horrible! Everything was rotten, even the eggs had mould on them. It..was..disgusting. Luckily my mom and dad brought us back so I had some help with cleaning everything up. There is still a faint smell hanging around, but the worst is luckily over.

My last complaint is the nice cold that my husband brought back from England. I got it the day before we came back home, and it does not seem to want to ease up now, which is 5 days later. This is truly the mother of all colds, though it feels like flu, but I never have such a sore throat with a flu. Ah well, at least my husband is back, so anything happening now will not dampen my spirit. I can honestly say I am, at this moment, extremely happy :).