Thursday, August 11, 2011

Owie ouch!

I am in such discomfort right now. While I was trying to fall asleep on Tuesday night I managed to get my little finger nail on my left hand stuck... and it lifted up halfway... !!!!!! I am very very squeamish when it comes to nails, so I did not even want to look at the damage. I instinctively put my finger in my mouth and tasted the blood. Instead of getting up and checking in the light I just laid there and cried myself to sleep. Well today is day 2 and it still not feeling better. I keep bumping it into things and every time it stretches I want to scream.

At least the rest of the weekend was fun. Think I spend the majority of it sleeping though. Also went out for sushi, watched Captain America, which was awesome, and played a lot of games (Lord of the Rings online is very very bad for your free time :)) On Tuesday we went to the opening of the shop belonging to some of our friends. They are selling antique french furniture and it is beautiful! Stopped by there that morning for some cake and champagne, yummy :)

Why is it that always after a long weekend, the rest of the work week seems to drag by sooo slowly... *sigh*

Friday, August 5, 2011

Yay for public holidays!

This has been a real tiring week, feels like I could sleep for a day, which I will probably do tomorrow. Tuesday is National Woman's Day here in South Africa, so seeing as it is a public holiday, I took Monday off as well. It is going to be so nice to just relax. It is crazy how working full time can ruin everything, like making you too tired to get any housework done. There just doesn't seem to be enough time for anything, or rather to enjoy doing anything :/

We have now, after 3 years of living here, only started to get out and do some awesome activities that we never really could do. We live an hour from the beach now, and one day when it is warm enough again we will be going body boarding. The other thing is ice skating. There are 2 rinks from us, both under an hour and a half drive. I spend almost my entire childhood on wheels, starting with roller skates, and then moving on to roller blades, which was never as much fun as the former. And then there is ice skating. Without much effort I can whirl around the rink with ease, ducking out of the way of people about to fall or going to slow. It is such a high. It is something I wished I could have done since I was little, but alas, my hometown had no rink... I just wish the shoes were a little more comfortable.. Would be nice to have my own :)

So yeah, only have about 3 hours of work left, then off to eat some sushi to start the long weekend off with. Oh yes, and find my camera cable for my computer, which has disappeared yet again *sigh*

Enjoy your weekends!