Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Today I turn 27, which I think is just an awesome age. I have always liked any age that contains the number 7, mainly because it's my lucky number, and it is just so pretty. Today also marks the start of my year. Yes, I know, the new year started more than 2 weeks ago, but so far it pretty much sucked. Why, you ask?

                                                      I had eye surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, not really technically surgery of my eye, more around the cyst that made its home in my lower eyelid, but still close enough to the eye area. My first appointment was at 4PM, which is a really late time for a very nervous person like me. Did I mention I hate needles? I do.

The doctor informed me that I have 2 options to choose from. Firstly, he would give me a local anaesthetic into the eyelid and then remove the cyst while I watch. It was a good thing that I was sitting at the time, else I would have either fainted or vomited. Sounds real easy, except for the whole needle inserted between eyelid and eye, while I am watching, and also, the phrase needle inserted between eyelid and eye. Seriously!! My eyelid and the whole eye region jumps like a bunny rabbit while just applying eye-liner. I think the doctor must have seen that I turned deathly pale, for he quickly mentioned option 2, general anaesthetic.

I would have hugged the man if it would not have been frowned upon. Suddenly I was all for the operation. I won't feel anything! I won't see the needle! Heck, I won't see the scalpel! I quickly agreed on option 2, and my operation was scheduled for the 11th.

I am happy to say that everything went smoothly, except for 4 little details.
  1. I did not receive the happy pill. This is a wonderful little pill that makes all your cares float away. It makes you wave to everyone around you, see rainbows and little butterflies instead of sharp objects in the theatre and even makes you look as they insert a needle into you, causing you to say ooh and ah instead of ouch.
  2. The anaesthesiologist can't insert an IV needle into my hand without really hurting me and giving wake to the idea of punching a doctor. 
  3. Yet again no one asked me to count down from 10. Does this only happen in movies and TV shows? I want to know how far I can go!
  4. Th first year nurse nearly dropped the IV bag on my head after telling me to not get any pressure on my eye. It hit my shoulder instead..
Oh yes, one last thing, never let your husband take photos of you while you are still groggy from anaesthetic. The pirate jokes are still following me around a week later, in the form of birthday wishes. I only looked like this for one day!

I did manage to pillage something while in pirate mode, the sticky things they stick on your chest. I felt guilty for a couple of seconds... and then smiled guiltily at the rudest receptionist in the world. After that I was just happy.