Thursday, August 11, 2011

Owie ouch!

I am in such discomfort right now. While I was trying to fall asleep on Tuesday night I managed to get my little finger nail on my left hand stuck... and it lifted up halfway... !!!!!! I am very very squeamish when it comes to nails, so I did not even want to look at the damage. I instinctively put my finger in my mouth and tasted the blood. Instead of getting up and checking in the light I just laid there and cried myself to sleep. Well today is day 2 and it still not feeling better. I keep bumping it into things and every time it stretches I want to scream.

At least the rest of the weekend was fun. Think I spend the majority of it sleeping though. Also went out for sushi, watched Captain America, which was awesome, and played a lot of games (Lord of the Rings online is very very bad for your free time :)) On Tuesday we went to the opening of the shop belonging to some of our friends. They are selling antique french furniture and it is beautiful! Stopped by there that morning for some cake and champagne, yummy :)

Why is it that always after a long weekend, the rest of the work week seems to drag by sooo slowly... *sigh*


Robyn :) said...

Oh owwwwww. I am squeamish about that stuff too! hope it strts to feel better :)

Nikki Brown said...

I'm squeamish when it comes to that kind of thing too. Hope it starts to feel better soon.

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)