Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The wait is almost over...

My husband is coming home on Thursday! And its about time too. I handled the situation better then I thought I would, only yesterday was a bad day. Today was too chaotic to even think of him. I woke up this morning at 3AM with a terrible headache. After drinking two pain pills I tried to sleep again, waking up at different times during the morning with no relief. It wasn't a migraine, but it felt just as bad. I finally took a chance and got up around 12 (its really nice being a housewife... :)) and then went to lay on the couch again. So much for productivity today. At least I got to watch a movie (I am watching all the Star Wars movies, again) and when at last I got up at 3PM I was feeling all better. I really hate headaches, the most stupid pain there is. So then I was hungry. I made dinner, at 15:30, and now the kitchen is spotless and I am stuffed, and its only 19:00. :)

I have been reading all kinds of good housewife tips (yes, I am bored) and a few was quite interesting, just don't ask where I got them, can't remember!
  • When you get up, immediately shower and get dressed, including putting on your shoes. I am terrible at this. When I get up, I first go to the kitchen and get breakfast. I were never big on breakfast, now I can't go without it. Then I go and sit in front of the computer and look through my emails and spend time on Facebook. And it is so relaxing to do all these things while wearing pyjamas. :) I do put on some shoes, my slippers! lol I did try this advice. The mornings when I get up and get fully dressed before anything else are the days I get the most done so I will be trying that more often.
  • Try to get up earlier. That way you can get everything done before your husband gets home in the evening cause after that you can't get anything done, even if you try. :)
  • Before you go to bed, clean your sink properly. Haha, mine is usually filled with some pots I did not feel like washing. I do feel a lot better in the morning when I walk into a clean kitchen knowing that is one thing I don't have to do.

These are just a few things I picked up and are going to do my best to do them, cause after doing these things I felt more productive and positive then on other days. :)


Karen said...

Nothing wrong with slippers! And a pot or pan for the next day - give you something to do :-))

Miss you :-(

PixieDust said...

A pot or pan the next day makes for much more difficult and gross work, so I will be finishing that in the evenings. :)