Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter outing...

So finally on Friday we went to see Harry Potter. I loved it, it was the best of the series by far. We went with a friend and her friends from Johannesburg. We went to a mall which is about an hour's drive away but it was worth it. Though we only got to see a small part of the mall cause our time ran out, so we are going to return there soon. We had dinner at the Cape Town Fish Market, my first time there, but I will definitely go back there. I had vegetable tempura in a bento box, with noodles, fried carrots and onion, a coleslaw salad with Japanese mayo and a sweet chilli sauce. It was delicious and not even that expensive! The others had sushi which I will try out next time cause I was far too stuffed :).

The cinema itself was very cool, it is really big. And there is like 18 movies showing, which is a lot as our nearby cinemas usually only have 7 or 8. It was such a nice evening... The rest of the weekend was pretty peaceful, with the Saturday ritual of going to our mall being the only other major outing. Today is my husband's birthday, he is 26! :) He is also going to be leaving for another week on Wednesday, but at least its not going to be as long as last time.


Tails said...

Hehe firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby!!

Secondly, your post made me realise how I continually forget that we're lucky to have 20 movie theatres in Canal Walk, showing up to 20 different movies (I say 'up to' cos sometimes they use more than one cinema for one movie).

And thirdly, CTFM rocks!!! Went there on Friday night and had their surf & turf. They once had a calamari trio special, which isnt on their menu. It was the best: fried calamari, grilled calamari, and a calamari steak - was droolishious!!

But for sushi, although CTFM is good, Sauls (search on FB) is muuuuch better! R120 all you can eat, no limitations! :D That means nigiri, sashimi, handrolls, salmon roses - everything!! Awesome!

And lastly, I'm going on Sunday to see HP :D Cant wait! (thank you (!!) for not spoiling it for me by posting things about it :D)

PixieDust said...

They also share movie theatres here, so our movies may go up to 9 or 10 in a good week, but not likely. :(

I always thought that CTFM was expensive, but they have better prices than for e.g. Spur. I know have a Tempura craving...

I left the spoilers out just for you, knew you haven't seen it yet :D