Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surprise breakaway...

I was just informed that my husband has made arrangements for a nice breakaway for us, though the destination is a surprise :) We were supposed to go to Bloemfontein on the 26th for my dad's 70th birthday, but now we are going on the 19th. Mainly we are going a day early to drop my ratties off at my parent's house, just like a visit to grandparents (its official, my rats are my children), then we are leaving the following day until the 26th when we go for a visit in Bloem. On a sadder note concerning my rats, my little black girl Pan got a lump underneath her forearm. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it has me in tears every time I see it. Luckily I heard that there is a vet that often operates on bats in the vicinity, which feels to be physically close to rats, so if the lump gets really bothersome we can go and see him. I am amazed how quickly it appeared. She was fine the morning and the evening when I took her out the thing was already very visible.

This is also going to be an eventful weekend. On Friday we got another pizza evening and this time we are also taking a friend with us and in that way we will be three straight people in a very gay company. :D On Saturday we will be going to the nice mall where we saw Harry Potter so that we can actually walk through the mall in our own time. And next weekend my inlaws are coming so we are going to be very social for the coming weeks.

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Karen said...

Wow, that sounds very eventful! We will babysit your ratties and do you remember Zet's mommy rat? She also had the big "bobble" under her front leg, but still manage to move as always. IF it isn't bothering her - maybe you don't have to put her through the stress of an operation :-)