Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sneaky business...

So, you know my husband is at a conference away from home till Monday. On Thursday night, as I was pondering what to have for dinner, he knocked on the door. I am so glad he thinks of doing things like that, imagine I was in the shower and he just came in. Everyone in the surrounding area would hear me screaming, thinking there was a stranger in my house. I was really glad to see him, he did not feel like spending the night at the place where the conference is being held. He got some Chinese take-away so that solved my food issues. :) He was planning on going back at 6 AM the next morning, but it was cold and it is so much nicer to lay in bed, so the 6 AM turned into 8 AM. He was not worried cause his boss was not there and he could miss some of the morning. And then his boss phoned, he was going to the conference that morning. So my husband jumped out of bed and got ready in record time cause he wasn't supposed to be at home, his job is paying for his accommodation at the conference. He did manage to make the hour's drive before his boss came there, but the whole situation was very funny to me. I felt like the dirty mistress (if you have watched Grey's Anatomy you will understand). It felt like we were sneaking around behind other people's backs... hehe.

This has been a very relaxing weekend so far. All I have done today is play Neverwinter Nights... This time I will finish it. :) Tomorrow I want to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, just for a nice change. I will be doing some computer work at the museum next week, so I guess I should get my house tidy before Monday. At least I am feeling very hardworking... :P


Tails said...

Hahaha yea I'd scream too! I always worry about people coming into the house when I'm in the shower lol

Neverwinter Nights is awesome, which one are you on?

I've started playing The Secret To Monkey Island...but instead of it being the 1980 version, they've remade it. Its the exact same game, with new/better graphics. And the best part is, you can press F10 to switch from the old look to the new look and back again. So you can see what various scenes looked like back in the original. Loving it!

PixieDust said...

I am busy with the first nwn, but would not mind to play the second... :) I am also considering playing Morrowind again and finishing it, which I hadn't yet done.

My husband is also going to get the updated Monkey Island soon, he is a big fan!