Thursday, April 9, 2009

The big move...

A year ago today my husband heard he got the job at the museum here in Pietermaritzburg. I remember it well cause I made some frantic calls to him to get in touch with the museum before 1 pm when they closed (Due to the Easter weekend). After we heard he got the job we also heard that he had start working on the 21st! So we had a week to finish everything off, find a place to live, arrange the move and all those little things that sends the stress levels up. I really did not take it well for I would either be missing my gran's 90th birthday party and my graduation (would have gotten my BSc Honores in Entomology) or I would be missing the whole move and the first week of our new life. So after lots of tears I went with the first option, to go with the move. My degree was collected by some of my friends, though I would have loved to walk across that stage again.

We spent the first weekend sleeping on a blow up mattress in a very empty house. On the first night we had some dark time (thanks Eskom) but it was nice. On the Sunday my parents and sister came up from Bloemfontein to help me cope with the arrival of the move the next day. All went very well luckily. I should say that since December the longing to go home to Bloemfontein has completely vanished and this now feels like my home. We are going out to dinner tonight with some friends for the first time, though I have the idea we will be the only straight people in the group lol. That should be quite interesting.. And this weekend we are going to watch Fast and Furious with another friend who I hope may become closer to us. :)

Ugh.. I really want to have a baby now... I have never been so ready in my life. :) At this stage I have become an avid collector of pregnancy magazines hehe. Even though it is still going to be a year or 2, you can't be too prepared!

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