Monday, July 26, 2010

I am back...again

It is becoming almost a burden to blog at the moment. Don't know why, but I will have the new post window open but then I close it again :( I've even stopped writing. I am hoping this little phase will pass soon, cause I sure am not going to stop either of the 2 :)

So, first off, me. I am not fully recovered yet. When the doctor said mild discomfort, he had no idea what he was saying. It must have been a busy, busy day for him. It has been hell. Not now so much, but the whole of last week I could not sit properly, or even sleep properly. Basically, they pump you full of CO2 gas to separate the organs. And the gas do not leave your body very quickly afterwards. It seemed to gather just below my shoulders and under my rib cage. And, like it was intended to do, separates the organs lol. It was by far the most painful part. The cuts were nothing, except when turning around while sleeping. At this stage I have some mild discomfort left, which the doctor told me about *rolls eyes*. It feels like I've had some very bad sunburn on my stomach, all over, cause my skin hurts when I touch it. Luckily all the plasters are off, and the cuts are healing nicely, though they are going to leave some cool scars. Now I just have a cold :)

Was again another busy weekend. The previous weekend we went to Bloemfontein to visit (Oh it's also painful to take a 6 hour drive post surgery) and saw all our friends there. This past weekend we saw all our friends here. And all of it because my husband turned 27 on last week Tuesday! That sound really old (lol love you too :)) And speaking of him, he is going away for 2 weeks soonish, as in next week Monday. I am going to make the most of those 2 weeks and do, well, not much at all. Relax perhaps? Go to a music concert by Just Ginger on the 9th? Yes.

I am also starting a little part time job for a month on the 17th of August. Basically I will be pinning insects and labelling them. Sounds exciting? It is not. But at least they are paying me, and it is only for a month. Think of the money, think of the money... Perhaps the next time I blog I will feel more positive, excited, so happy I will dance for joy, but for now, my body won't allow that :)

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Tails said...

Hey I know about how you feel about blogging.

Often I sit on the couch and think, "Oh I should blog about this"...."nah I dont feel like it."

It sucks!!

Shame sorry to hear you're still sore :( I did a Google search and most people recommend walking and moving and stretching...apparently this helps the gas move out quicker.

Hope you feel 100% soonest!