Thursday, August 5, 2010

So alone..

And when I mean alone, I mean really alone. At this moment my husband is in Costa Rica! And I am not... It is weird to think it is only 12:30 there, but 20:30 here. It confuses me sometimes :) Luckily the first week is almost over, as he is coming back on the 16th. I am actually enjoying my time alone. Being the big computer geek that I am, almost all that time is spend on playing games. Well, at least the time goes by quicker that way.

I went to the follow up visit to my gynae last week, and it turns out they found nothing wrong while operating. I really feel tortured. So the next step is to lose a minimum of 8kg. Eek! Well, Its been a week and I have lost 1kg:) I started doing the Zumba dance program at home. It is so much fun! I have really missed dancing. All that remains as a challenge is eating healthier. I love to have occasional snacks of chips or chocolate, but I have now replaced that with fruit, namely bananas. Oh and yoghurt. And raisins. Healthy ain't it? It is still going to be a while before I get into the new swing of things, as I tend to start snacking when I get bored or watch a series. It feels like I should be busy munching instead of just sitting there. At least I know this is all going to be worth it when I eventually fall pregnant, which will be helped on a little with meds if nothing happens before next year. Bring on the Clomid! 

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Tails said...

Actually, while yoghurt and raisins are healthy, they dont aid weightloss (they're quite high in kilojoules and saturated fats).

If there is a weightwatchers in your area, I'd encourage you to check it out :)

And your hubby is really lucky to be in Costa Rica!! :D