Monday, July 5, 2010

I can see!

I had no idea my eyes were so bad. I have gotten used to seeing words far away from me in a blurry kind of way. Then I put on my new glasses... It was incredible! I can actually see properly now! Nothing is blurred and everything is so clear. And my glasses are very pretty with their light blue frame. Was thinking of using them only when reading and in front of the computer, but I may keep them on permanently now :)

Yet another crazy busy weekend has gone past. There were only supposed to be a coffee drinking outing with friends on Saturday, which turned into a 6 hour visit to the mall! After that we all went for drinks at a pub called the Keg and Hedgehog, which was filled with soccer supporters. For those who don't know, I live in South Africa, where the soccer world cup is being hosted :) Sunday was spend at home with a friend who came for a visit the afternoon. We could never invite people over cause we had no parking space, but now that we only have one car that little problem is in the past.

My temps are still high today, so hopefully the dreaded AF will stay away for at least a few more days. Going to the gynae for the first time tomorrow, and I am so nervous. Hopefully all will be well. I am more positive than I was last week about the whole job thing, but have yet to hear from the places I applied to.

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