Friday, July 2, 2010


This has been a very tiring week for me, so haven't even felt like blogging. Big thing that happened this week was the midnight screening of Eclipse, which was fabulous! It took an hour's drive to get there, but it was so worth it. We got back at home at 03:45 so I was exhausted.

My life may be changing drastically any day now. And not in the good way of getting pregnant, though that is all that is occupying my mind at the moment, but in the idea that my CV has been sent out and I may soon have a job. An idea that is really terrifying to me. It is not possible to explain how I feel about it, but it feels like I am about to lose a part of me. Paranoid much? Maybe, but this is me. I have gotten use to the luxury of my time being my own, and not being influenced by an external source. I have been struggling with this the entire week, breaking down a couple of times, and having really bad dreams and sleepless nights. You might say I am overreacting, but no one but me could understand what I am feeling at the moment. All this stress is certainly not helping me in my main goal at the moment. I don't want to be a working girl, I want to be a mom.

Do you know what the most irritating sound in the world is? Sandpaper on wooden windowsills. They are putting new varnish on all the windows in the complex, and they finally reached our place. The sound is literally giving me permanent goosebumps! And the dust! It is everywhere... :( Luckily I got a brand new vacuum cleaner with a water filtration system (goodbye stupid dusty bags!) so I will sort it out as soon as they finish today.

I am sorry for all the complaints in this post, but if I don't get it out my head might explode. Or rather, the headaches my weak right eye is giving me might cause that. I am getting my new glasses on Monday!

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