Monday, June 21, 2010

Me at the moment

It has been an awfully long time since my last blog entry and I feel very ashamed. It is not much fun typing at the moment as my hands seem to be frozen. I can still see all my fingers but I certainly can't feel them. This has been a very active month so far. Saw all our friends almost every weekend, my father-in-law spend almost a week here (last week) and the rest of the time I've been in front of the TV, watching soccer. It is quite exciting living in the country which is hosting the soccer world cup, but I have no desire to actually attend one of the matches. We are also caught up in the spirit of things, wearing our flag on our car, though we nearly lost it when my friend absent-mindedly opened the window. She caught it just in time.

It is strange how having friends changes your outlook on a place. When we first came here we knew no one. It took us a while to make new friends, and this antisocial time threw me into a light depression. Now I only have to look back at the past weekend. We went to two braais, and I realised we have a LOT of friends now. Even friends who are married and have children! Yes this is not so important but when you are trying to conceive it is nice to have friends who have gone through the same things only recently :). I remember about 2 years ago my husband had to go away for 2 days, leaving me alone here. I was walking to the shops and I realised: I am all alone in a strange city, what if something happens now? I turned around and went home and felt all sorry for myself. Now my husband has to go to Costa Rica for 16 days in August, and I don't mind staying here alone, cause I know I have friends here now. Now it feels like home (though I wouldn't mind living in a different house).

At the moment I am contend. I am very happy in my marriage and my life, so now I am just looking forward to the next step. Can I just say, temping has now become second nature to me :) I was surrounded by crying children yesterday, and I was not put off. So yes, I am ready, but why is it taking so long!!!  

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