Thursday, February 18, 2010


Seriously, I can't keep my eyes open. The past two nights I went to bed at 23:00 - 23:30, which is quite early for me. I also dragged myself out of bed at about 07:30 in the morning. Still, I am so tired! I even took an afternoon nap yesterday, and will probably do that again today. I guess it must be the lack of caffeine in my system (a whole two weeks without it already, *applauds myself* :)). The big problem is I don't have any energy to do anything else as well! Or rather, I keep busy around the house, but I am not enjoying it.

At least next week is going to have a bit of change in it, though not in a good way. My husband is going on another trip, to Port Elizabeth this time, from Tuesday to Thursday. It won't bother me too much during the day, as I will be making the most of not having to do anything lol, but the thought of two nights alone is not nice. I keep hearing noises and running down the hallway to check what those noises are, making for rather sleepless nights. Maybe those nights would be better spend writing perhaps? Who needs sleep anyway? *yawns*

We are going to Bloemfontein when he gets back, which I am really looking forward to, as we have a wedding on the Saturday, in Burgersdorp of all places (have a random estimate as to where in the country it is, but not really 100% sure). Yay, road trip

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