Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm melting!

This was by far the hottest weekend for the past year. And it is still going on! Wish it would rain again, but there is not a cloud in sight :(. It has been around 37 degrees Celsius since Saturday, and at this moment it is 30 degrees in the house with everything closed. Its not like I can open a door to let a cool breeze in, the wind is even warmer! So now I am sitting in semi-darkness cause closed curtains also seem to help, and wishing that I will one day live in a place where it never gets warm, and where it snows in the winter *sigh* I think I would be able to sit in the snow right now :)

I am happy to say I am now used to drinking rooibos tea, though its been a hard weekend to get through. I never realized just how much caffeine black teas contain, till I found how hard it was to stop drinking it. I have been utterly tired and irritated because, well you can probably say cause I am kicking an addiction?

On Friday while vacuuming I discovered a toad behind some furniture. Don't know how long he has been there though. Just as I wanted to catch him he hopped behind one of our bookcases The silly thing about this bookcase is that it is closed at the front but open at the back. It was to heavy to move on my own, so I had to wait for my husband to come home to help me. Finally the toad decided to come out from beneath on its own, but after two capture attempts, with the toad going back to the bookcase on both accounts :/, we managed to get him away from there. I am not afraid to catch a toad with my hands, but this little one was so slippery! We eventually chased him all over the sitting room, until we chased him out the back door.

So that and a trip to Durban airport to fetch our friend, without car troubles this time, was basically the most we did this weekend. Sitting in front of the computer playing games all weekend don't seem to make you all that sweaty :)


Robyn :) said...

It's hard to imagine a place being that warm this time of year when it is freezing up here in the Northern Hemisphere!! Isn't that just crazy how everything is opposite? i hope it gets cooler for you soon. It sounds like we need to trade off some weather to even things out.

Mrs. Pink Pearls said...

I would love to be in warm weather right now! We are getting about 12"-18" today. Ick. I do not like the snow sometimes!

P.S. I nominated you for a blog award. :)