Monday, February 1, 2010

Slumping again...

I have been a terrible blogger and housewife this past week. I can't really remember doing anything, let alone going to any trouble to do a post. But hey, its a new month! Here is to hoping it gets better (and I get more hard-working :D).

So I started with the spread sheeting part time job at home. So far its going good, but after about an hour of typing I start to see double and have to refrain to more fun things to do. I am hoping to finish the 1 and a half remaining books this week, and then gather the additional information next week. I already know what I am going to purchase with the money I am getting but more on those when I have actually bought them.

The weekend was lots of fun, up to a point. Went to a nice pizza parlour with friends on Friday night, with the most amusing waiter ever. He seemed to get confused very quickly, and often forgot what he was supposed to do. Like with me, I ordered a strawberry milkshake, cause unlike all the other wine drinkers around me I have cut out all alcohol. After about 15 minutes I think he came back and said there was a problem with the ice cream. Uh ok... not sure what could be a big problem but I then switched my order and got a hot chocolate instead, which was a better choice cause it was a rather cold night. The pizza was great, had a Hawaiian which had bacon, mushrooms and pineapple for toppings. But then my evening started to get a little bad.

That morning I felt a numbness on the right side of my scalp. That is usually the sign I get before a migraine. It went away and I forgot about it till we were at the restaurant for about 20 minutes. It was then that the pounding started. It was weird to me cause I just had a migraine the previous week. It got worse and worse while we were eating. Then everyone wanted to go to a club and though we would have liked to join in, it would have been a disaster for me. So we went home and I went to bed. The whole night I would dream my head is aching, then I would wake up and it was still pounding :(. It was a horrible 14 hours, yes, that is how long it went on. So the next morning around ten it was all over and I could go on with my day.

And what an exciting day too! About 3 weeks earlier I saw something adorable in the baby section of the one shop, which to me was much cooler then a teddy. And on Saturday I finally bought it, the first thing for our future child..

Isn't it gorgeous! I would have loved to have had a dragon when I was little! It also has a bell in it that you can hear when you shake it. When we came to the shop they only had pink ones on the shelves, but I already decided that I want a blue one. Blue feels like a safer colour when it comes to both boys and girls while pink is not so much a boyish colour. Sadly these were the only colour options there. That afternoon a friend came over for tea and to goggle at the dragon of course :)

Well, that is it for my weekend. Tomorrow I am off to the doctor to complain about my headaches and to get a reference to a good (preferably female) gynaecologist. I just hope everything is ok :)

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

Such a cute dragon!!!