Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have a social life!

Well, maybe not today, but I had one this weekend :). I am alone at home till tomorrow, but only since yesterday. Still, I am bored out of my mind. You can only watch a TV series so long before you crave a real conversation. A part of the morning was spent chasing a jumping spider around the bedroom, trying to "save" it and take it outside. It was on my roof last night, but the thing about jumping spiders is, well, they jump! I did not sleep very well because I knew he was somewhere on the roof, staring at me. To me, this staring is what makes them the only spider I really like. They push themselves up on their front legs and just glare at you with all those eyes, following your every movement. Did I mention they jump? This one jumped a lot this morning. From the wall onto the couch :/ Yeah, that was not nice. But I am glad to report he is out the door, even though I put him on the neighbours lawn lol.

You have to admit this is a very cute little face...

Anywoo, we were so busy this weekend. We went out for sushi on Friday night, which is something I am going to miss when I am pregnant, cause it is not allowed? Must be the fish.. I had some Salmon Roses and Bean Curd, and stole a Salmon California role from the husband (ok I traded :)). I also had a glass of coke... aarggh! I broke my no caffeine living! I did not think what I was doing at the time, but must admit it tasted so good! Afterwards we went to a club, Red Door, which I will admit was the first club I have ever been to. Got a little nervous at the entrance cause I did not have my ID, and everyone always seem to ask for it, damn you my shortness! All went well however and we spent about 2 hours there I think. Was nice to be there with my friends, though I still really don't feel like I fit in there. On Saturday we had a braai, and on Sunday we did nothing.

I guess I should go do something now, though I would much rather just leave everything for tomorrow morning. Hmmm, yeah I'll do that :)

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