Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 3

This was a really active day for us, we did so much! Our first stop for the day was the Castle. Not quite what I imagined, but still impressive. Unfortunately we were not allowed to photos inside the museum areas so I got a couple from the outside.

This was taken from the entrance. Wasn't it just a beautiful day?

We walked through all the museum rooms and also went in to the dark room where they use to keep and torture prisoners (yeah that's really grim, gave me the shivers to stand there, did I mention it was dark?) and then we found the stairs to the roof yay! Got some nice pics up there, including these. The entrance is on the left of the photo.

This is something you don't see everyday. In the middle is our old country flag and on the right the new one which everyone knows. I must admit, I like the new one much better. It was far easier to draw it in school than it was to do the old one lol.

We then found the clock tower. It was so hard not to pull the rope but sadly many fun things are not allowed. We did pretend to be up to no good, as my husband here is showing :).

As we made our way out of the grounds we found this little courtyard, which is what I am planning for my own home in a while... lol I wish. The water does look very inviting.

So after our visit we went back to Canal Walk where I finally got to meet one of my online friends, Tails :D. It was one of my favourite events of this trip! After a nice lunch, we decided to go up Table mountain, seeing as it was such a nice day. When we came there the wind was blowing too hard so we could not go up. We decided to go to Houtbay instead, for we wanted to go on another boat trip.

On the road to Houtbay with the town in front of us.

We went to the harbour area and saw the ad for the seal island trip. We were just in time for the last trip of the day! This is me waiting for the boat to depart.

The time we chose was also the time that the tide started coming in. So we met a few waves along the way, but it was so much fun to be lifted into the air and then falling back. A lot of screams were heard among the passengers, followed by a lot of giggles. I would just do the trip again for that part :). We passed Chapman's peak on the way out to the deeper water and was so happy to see that it was open (though the next day when we went there it was closed, figures.).

Seal island was so cool. A bit stinky, but very nice.

So yes, day 3 was very tiring, and day 4 was even better, but that is the next post :).


Tails said...

Aww you're just saying that cos I read your blog hehe :P

And Seal Island IS stinky haha but those photos are awesome!

Glad you had such an awesome time :) I've been looking out for your latest blog post for a while now haha

Karen said...

I agree with Tails... your holiday story is taking a while... it's like watching a series while there is cricket..... it never ends and you forgot about what happened the last episode :-))