Friday, October 2, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 4, Part 1

This was going to be a long post, so I will be splitting it in 2 yet again :). On day 4 which was a Monday we made our way back to Houtbay, hoping to ride along Chapman's Peak, but found it closed during weekdays. So we made our way via an alternative route to Simonstown. We waited on this spot in Fish Hoek foe almost 20 minutes, but at least we had a nice view.

And then finally we made it to Simons Town!

Our main objective for that day was to go out on some more boat trips, especially one with sharks :). Unfortunately it turned out to be way to much for our pockets, and while we decided what to do we went to Boulder Bay. Now, Boulder bay is one of the cooler places I have seen in my life, mainly because it's a sanctuary for penquins, which I adore!

Can you say trouble in relationship? lol

This little sweetie was half asleep as we took the photos, and opened its eyes only when I pushed the button. Just a little while later 4 others made their way over to us. The problem for them was a stick sticking out across the path they walked on. Each of them would put one foot over, then the other foot got stuck causing them to fall over. It was so funny!

The nice thing about this area is that there is some areas covered in vegetation for them to nest in, but also a stretch of beach just for them. Some birds had however taken over all the rocks.

This is one of the many pathways they must have walked out for themselves. It was so cute to see them come down a path in such a neat row!

In this week I will be posting our whale watching, Cape Point and Table mountain trips.

In present times, :), it has been quite cool for a week now. It has not rained hard yet but there is some slight drizzle everyday, which makes this fantastic weather. I love it when it rains, not so much when the sun is shining. One of my friends had a house-warming on Saturday and thank goodness it was sunny weather. He built a flat on his parents yard and I must say I did not expect a yard that big! They seem to be living halfway into a forest! It..was..huge... Well only a little more than three weeks to go until my husband goes overseas and I go to Bloem (that just sounds wrong :/). He is planning to go to Costa Rica next year and this time I will really try to go with, I am not staying home again!

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