Monday, October 19, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 5, the final day...

And so finally we come to the last day of our trip. We decided to take one more chance on Table mountain and... success! We went there 2 days earlier but it was too windy which was a pity cause that day looked like this.

On Tuesday we went at about 09:30 and did not even stand in a row waiting! We got our tickets and were on the first cable car up :). Here the car is coming down towards us.

And this is to show just where we were standing at that moment.

It was not scary at all! The whole trip up was over in a matter of minutes. This was our first glimpse of Cape Town.

It was still a bit misty at that stage, with a couple of clouds approaching, but the most of the morning was nice and open.

Some of the inhabitants of the mountain

And finally we got a awesome tourist from America to take a photo of me and my husband together :)

The clouds started to move in after this so we made our way down again, this time with camera in hand.

After this we took a trip to the Afrikaans Taal monument (a monument constructed for our language, weird). It is quite an ugly monument from the outside, but it looks cool looking from the bottom up.

After this we went to visit a friend in Stellenbosch who showed us around the campus for a while before we went home and started packing for the trip back home. It was so much fun to fly back again! I love planes... :)

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Carrie said...

What beautiful photos! :) It looks like a great trip.

Thanks so much for following!