Friday, September 11, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 2, part 2

So after our exhaustive little walk (is that even a word? :/) we went over to the Waterfront. Why is everything in Cape Town so big? lol We first walked through the mall they have there and I was dragged into a shop called Pastimes by my husband. I made the big mistake of glancing up to one of the shelves in the back of the shop and literally stood there staring... Figurines of Harry Potter, Hagrid, even Legolas... And... Edward and Bella! The funny thing about flying somewhere, you can't fly back with many things. I just stood there for a while, contemplating how I will get my hands on them when I was dragged back out *sigh* One day... ;) As we came out of the mall we saw some boats waiting to take people out to trips around the harbour. We happily got onto ours, and then saw we were the only passengers! Here we are, waiting to leave.

Everything went well for the first 10 minutes, and then the boat's engine started making funny noises, and then stopped. Luckily we stopped next to some seals playing in the water, so we did not really mind the delay.

After a while our guide fixed something, and we were on our way again. This was my my first time out on a boat in the ocean, but luckily I am not prone to any type of motion sickness. We went out of the harbour into some deeper water for a while, and then turned back, seeing as our guide kept running between us and the engine. It was rather dissapointing. On our way back I got another Table Mountain pic. I also got a photo of a little sailboat with a pirate flag (as circled). If I had a boat I would also want that flag. :)

We also passed something really cool. The SA Agulhas is an icebreaker that goes out to Antartica for months so it was really nice to see a famous ship right next to us.

When we came back to the docks the guide asked us to please keep quiet about the problems, as it is bad for business. We agreed, but let me give you some pointers; don't ever take the boat closest to the restaurant when at the waterfront, it sucks :). By the time we came back we were starving and freezing, so we made our way to Cape Town Fish Market for some Vegetable Tempura... yummy! After that we just strolled through the rest of the area, though we did not get to see the swinging bridge swing.

After some icecream we went over to the aquarium but that will be in the next post :)

Here at home in the present it's pretty quiet. Watched District 9 on Tuesday. I have heard so many different reactions over this movie. Some liked it, others hated it and some even walked out of the cinema! I on the other hand really enjoyed it, though there was a few scenes that made me cringe. Tonight we are doing another pizza evening with friends, but until then I gotta go fix the choas that is my house at the moment.

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Pilland said...

Your report is very interesting indeed.
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy!