Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cape Town trip - Day 1

We stayed in an adorable little bed and breakfast in Rondebosch, which is about 15 minutes drive from Cape Town central. This is my husband posing at the one side of the room (he is always pulling faces on photos *sigh*)

And this is the other side of the room that included the kitchen and the bathroom which is on the left but can't be seen from here.

Unfortunately there was no stove (maybe that's a fortunate thing) so we had to eat out every time :). We did get breakfast first thing every morning, which consisted of eggs on toast, bacon, mushrooms and tomato, plus a small bowl of fruit and an orange juice.

So on the first day it was still raining, so we decided to spend the day at Canal Walk, which is a huge mall! After months of searching for prober black boots at home, I finally found them in a shop there... figures. After spending the morning there we went to the natural history museum in Cape Town. Honestly I am getting a bit tired of museums... Took a lot of pics there but nothing overly exciting so I will only share this one with you, just to show you why I will never go swimming with sharks, ever!

When we left the clouds started clearing, leaving us with this pretty picture

The rest of the week was filled with sunny weather but that is another post :)

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