Monday, August 31, 2009

The big surprise

I was surprised beyond imagining when I finally found out where we were going :). I had so many ideas running through my head at the time and I had managed to confuse myself a great deal. So I was so happy when I saw that we were turning in to the airport, we were flying! And to where? Cape Town! It was the coolest thing ever cause I've never been there and I hadn't flown for 14 years. This just shows that I got the best husband ever!

The flight itself was really great. We took off in sunny weather so I spend almost all the time staring out of the window. Then as we came nearer to Cape Town we started descending into some clouds, but I could still make out some snow on the surrounding mountains. We were scared that we were going to have crappy weather for the rest of the time there but thankfully the rest of the week was sunny and cloudless. I will be doing each day as a separate post cause there is just too much to say and too many photos to show. I can very well say that this was the best holiday of my life! :)

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