Monday, May 24, 2010

What a weekend...

I was so busy this weekend! My husband had to go to Pretoria on Friday and only came back on Saturday evening. I spend the time he was gone reorganizing all the furniture in my house. It is amazing how much space there suddenly is! On Saturday I was invited to a braai and one of my friends came to pick me up. She was eager to see the ratties so I had to do a thorough cage clean up as well. Kacie helped me too, putting all the loose things lying around in the cage, like toilet rolls, into the food bowl. This is all helpful, but they can't always seem to reach the food then. I often wonder what goes on in the head of a rat :) They were on there best behaviour when my friend came, letting her pick them up and spending the time in her arms licking her lol. The braai was really fun, had such a good time, especially when my husband arrived a little later.

Sunday was spend at the movies where we went to watch Prince of Persia. Awesome movie that. Then I popped into Baby City to buy a new thermometer cause mine is very inaccurate. How can I temp with that? This one shows 2 digits at the end. The time is coming closer for my visit to the gynae, hope he can help sort out my ridiculous long cycles. Hmm, what else... Oh yes! I got tickets for the midnight screening of Eclipse :D :D :D My world just got a whole lot brighter lol

Talking of Twilight related matters, yesterday in the mall we were walking in the one book shop and I saw a calendar of New Moon which I want sooo much, and cheerfully I called out to my husband next to me "New Moon!" Only, my husband wasn't standing next to me, some other guy was. Ugh, I was so embarrassed! And the guy did not even catch the hint that I wanted the calendar! I am sure he would have bought it for me, seeing the longing on my face lol.

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