Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bloem trip, then utter agony...

This post is so far overdue I am ashamed. It is also my 100th post! Hmm, about time lol. Anywhoo, I will not elaborate too much on the Bloem trip, except to point out the highlights. Got to see all my family and friends, had breakfast with the family at Kalahari.Fish, got a gorgeous new jersey, went to the Bloem Show with my friends which, by the way, looks exactly the same it looked 5 years ago. Some friends went on the rides but I only stood and watched the screaming. Would have gone if not for the ridiculous prices they charged. To continue, went for breakfast with my friends, finally bought new earrings, spend an entire day just lying around in my mom's house with the rats, and enjoying every moment of relaxation. Joined a friend on a mall excursion which ended with another breakfast where I managed to bite out a filling on a french fry. Seriously.

After the week in Bloem, we joined my sisters and brother-in-law on a 2 day hike about 18km outside Paul Roux in the Free State. There were about 29 of us.The first day hike took up the whole morning and part of the afternoon. It was fine at first, just walking through a pretty little forest, but then we started climbing. And smart as I am, I ate a chocolate for energy. Big mistake! I was so nauseous when we reached the top, even though as I found out the rest of the walk, it was never the top, there was always more climbing to do. The hike itself is awesome. There are all of these ladders around the trail used to climb up and down on (yes, that is what you do with a ladder lol) Photos will follow soon! So at the end of the first hike, I already had blisters. And my legs protested all the way down. Our bedroom was on the second floor, so that was not so pleasant (stairs, how I hate thee...grrr). On the morning of the second day I literally stumbled out of bed and waddled around on legs that could be labelled useless. I was so sore! Almost did not do the last part of the hike but I am glad I did. Apart from getting a very nasty bump on the head when I got up and crashed into the pointy end of a boulder, a bump which is still tender to the touch mind you, it was the most fun route of the weekend. We also some an Eland and a Giraffe! After the hike, everyone started eating all the leftovers from the weekend. The food was all very yummy and I certainly did not go hungry! Then we came home.

I can not explain the agony I felt the next day. My head was sore, my ears were aching (which they had been doing all weekend) and my body! I was so stiff! I walked very funny with legs that could no longer properly bend lol. This luckily only lasted for a day or 2. The rest of the week was pretty much relaxing.

Went to watch Iron Man 2 on the Imax on Saturday. Imax is cool, but not really for movies so much :/ Oh yes, I got my steamer when we were in Bloem. It works like a dream! That is, when I am not steaming my fingers lol. No more ironing for me! Also got a microwave omelette pan which I have yet to test out.

Just as an end to this very long post, on Monday the tooth which lost it's filling started to get really painful, resulting on me being high on pain meds all day. Yesterday I went to the dentist, and instead of filling it again, he pulled it out! Seems there was no bottom tooth there, and this tooth was useless. Gee thanks, now my mouth aches more than before! Also going to the oral hygienist tomorrow. Well, guess that's it for the past 2 weeks :)

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