Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It is really, really hot...

I think we experienced the hottest day of the year today. It is 38 degrees outside, and even though all the doors are closed and most curtains drawn, it's a whopping 35 degrees inside! If this goes on my body will be all dried out by tonight. One positive point on this weather, my clothes only took 10 minutes on the washing line to get dry this morning. I also took only about 5 minutes to get some light sunburn lol.

Sorry if the next paragraph is too much information but I just got to say that my boobs are really hurting! I am hoping this may be an early pregnancy sign (keep all thumbs cross!) but if not then something is not right. I am truly hoping that I will be pregnant next year, it feels like a good year for that :)

Also a big priority for next year is to finish at least one of my novels. I have been a lazy writer in the last month, mainly because my computer is not with me and I prefer to write on it. I have now taken to writing the old fashioned way, by means of pencil and paper. This I keep next to my bed for in case I get some inspiration at night, which seems to happen quite often nowadays.

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Tails said...

I'll be keeping fingers crossed for you :)

Whew, only now am I done with reading all the blog posts I'm behind on (my reader was sitting at about 150 posts!).