Monday, December 7, 2009

All is well again...

Finally I can say that I am all alone at home again (alone referring to my husband being at work). My husband is back, we are back at home and still I am not feeling to good. This is due to the fact that I am staring into a half empty rattie cage. I had to have two of my girls put down a week ago, but I will write about them in another post.

Everything went well with my husband's return and that is quite a big relief to me seeing as I was having all kinds of silly dreams about airplanes falling and things like that lol. He got me 3 gorgeous gifts which I would like to show now but my camera batteries is remains hidden :). The first is a beautiful Twilight music box... yes, a TWILIGHT music box! And yes, I have watched New Moon twice so far and absolutely loved it! Ok, back to the gifts... The second was a little celtic necklace which I will rather post a picture of later then trying to explain how it looks. The third is a rat in an egg, a teeny tiny egg, but the teeny tiny things I am collecting will also be another post, as soon as my camera is working again, preferably this week :).

Just before we left our geyser broke. I thought that we would be stuck with an awful mouldy smell of the wood in the cupboards that got wet. Well, nothing happened there. Instead, the plumber were smart enough to think they turned the correct power on again, which they did not, so my fridge were off for 3 weeks... Aaaaahhhh! The smell was horrible! Everything was rotten, even the eggs had mould on them. It..was..disgusting. Luckily my mom and dad brought us back so I had some help with cleaning everything up. There is still a faint smell hanging around, but the worst is luckily over.

My last complaint is the nice cold that my husband brought back from England. I got it the day before we came back home, and it does not seem to want to ease up now, which is 5 days later. This is truly the mother of all colds, though it feels like flu, but I never have such a sore throat with a flu. Ah well, at least my husband is back, so anything happening now will not dampen my spirit. I can honestly say I am, at this moment, extremely happy :).

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Tails said...

I wanna see pics of the rat egg! :D