Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am still here!

I don't remember much of this year, it seemed to slip by so fast that I am starting to wonder whether I slept through most of it :). This month is also coming to its end, very very slowly mind you, but I only have today and 4 days left before my husband gets back. I never want to be away from him for so long again, it's dreadful. It really feels like a part of me left with him. I am also getting anxious to get home now, been away from there for much to long.

On a more happy tone, I watched New Moon! :D It was so awesome, and the anticipation before the movie was so great that I read the entire saga in 4 days, again lol. It is just such an easy read.

Unfortunately I could not finish my novel for NaNoWriMo this year. I had so much going on in my head, that I just could not give the book the attention it deserved. I will be entering again next year, and this time I will be doing the prequel to my my own trilogy that I am currently busy with. Hopefully I will be finished with one or 2 books by that time. I really think writing is what I should be doing with my life, and I am just sorry that I did not realize it a little earlier.

We did get a little breakaway holiday to the mountains near Clarens last week, but the weather was dreadful! South Africa's seasons have been thrown completely haywire, seeing as it was almost winter the past few weeks instead of a hot summer. Not that I want to complain, I love cold and rainy weather.

I will officially say it now, I am trying to get pregnant :) I am hoping that this will happen in the next year or so, and I must say I am very excited about the possibility of becoming a mom. Luckily I now have the chance to properly prepare myself and get myself healthy. I am reading a lot of pregnancy magazines, and some of the things I have read scares me to death (there seems to be a lot of needles involved *shudders*) but I think I will be ready for them all.

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Tails said...

Wooooowee! Congrats and good luck with the trying! At least thats the fun part haha!

Gosh I cant even think of kids right now! I can barely afford my rent, let alone saving for my kid to go to college etc!

And the part that scares me about getting pregnant, is the stretching boobs and the veins and all the pill taking (vitamins) and and and and! Lol!

And yay for hubby getting back! I'm sure you've missed him so, but only four more sleeps! *hugs*