Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just an update...

Well, the work with the old lady at the museum did not really work out well, or rather, at all.. lol. But its better this way, I am just too impatient. Nothing much has happened further. One of our friends came to visit last weekend, the first of our friends to actually come visit! It was nice to have a familiar face around here. I finally got all the books of the Twilight series! And three other books.. all bought in one week..and now my money is gone again..*sigh*.

I also managed to get into another stupid accident two days ago, all thanx to my wonderful clumsiness. I fell over the vacuum cleaner and hit my head on the steel pipe. It is still hurting, hopefully nothing serious. So far I managed to wake up everytime I fell asleep, so I don't think I'll die..hehe.

My parents and my father-in-law are coming this weekend, and then I am going with my parents for a 5 day holiday at the seaside, leaving my poor husband to fend for himself.. lol. Can't wait for it, pics will be posted soon. Well, this is all for now, I really lead a very boring life..

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Tails said...

Your life isnt boring, its actually very interesting. I've never moved away from my friends and family, so its an eye opener to how people cope.

Its also like reading a novel haha I sit there and get excited about the things you get excited about, and I end up really wanting to know how things turned out lol I almost forget its not a novel, and actually a real person's events lol