Thursday, February 26, 2009

My granny...

Yesterday my mom gave me an amount of money that she inherited from my gran. When I saw it I immediately started crying and since then I have been thinking of my gran so much. Today is exactly six months since she died. We were very close but unfortunately we had to move away. So I were not there to say goodbye. The same happened when my grandpa died, I were not allowed into the ICU cause I was not old enough (though I thought 12 is quite old enough). It just broke my heart cause the last time I saw her was in June last year.

She once told me she wanted to see me get married, she wanted to turn 90 and then pass away in her sleep. Well, strangely, that is exactly how it happened. I got married in January, she turned 90 in April and passed on peacefully in her sleep in August. The old age home where she lived had security cameras installed in their rooms to see if something happened and it showed that she got up at 3 to go to the bathroom, then went back to bed and remained in the same sleeping position till they found her the next morning. It is quite a blessing that she was so healthy and did not suffer in her final year.. I would have liked to have her around for when my kids came but am glad that I had her for so long..

I am planning on spending the money on something I would be able to keep and then pass on to my children, just don't know what yet.

My gran with me on my wedding


Tails said...

Aw thats such a sweet post! Makes me all choked up!

April said...

Aww, your Gran is with you and she WILL see your children some day. I have cried about this same thing for the past six years since my father passed away. He never got to see me get married, nor will he get to hold his first grandchild, but I KNOW he'll be there. And I know this baby will be a part of him. :-)