Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anniversary Dinner..

We could not go out to dinner on our anniversary, pity that it was on a Monday, but we did go on Saturday the 24th! We went to a Restaurant/Guest House type place called Caversham Mill which is about 40 km outside PMB. Unfortunately is was raining again so I could not take a lot of pics (will go back someday for that :)). I managed to get some pics from the two tables we sat at:


It started of with drinks outside on the porch. I had a Dom Pedro (Frangelico) and should say that it tasted more like a milkshake, so I may have drank it too fast.. :). It was a bit cold outside so we moved inside where there was already a fire going, gave the place a fantastic atmosphere. We were alone in the beginning, the other guests only came a little later. I ordered a Berg Trout and did not read that it was in fact whole. I expected a nice square piece of fish to arrive but was then greeted by a whole fish, including tail and head. My husband saw through the face I put on to mask my shock, he found it so funny. I have never had a fish like that before so I had no idea where to start! In the end after I figured it out it was very delicious! After dinner I had some meringue dessert with berries and cream, which was great. Finished off with a cafe latte. It truly was a great way to celebrate our first year together and we make it a yearly treat, though next time I may not order the fish.. lol :)

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Tails said...

Mmmm, that merangue desert must have been really dry! You should have tried the merangue dessert instead ;) Hehehe sorry, saw the type and fingers. had. to. correct. Lol!

Congrats on your anniversary, and I've been wanting to cook a whole fish for ages!