Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scooters and bees...

I own a scooter and its the only way I can get anywhere. Today I was coming home from work and the next thing I know I entered a swarm of bees! Luckily I only got stung once on my arm but its not helping me overcome my fear for them. I don't like them and counting the number of times I have been stung in my life shows that they are not so fond of me either. :(

While I was still living in Bloemfontein a similar incident took place. In that case there was only one bee that singled me out. It was a week after I got engaged and my ring had not yet been fitted. So the bee landed on my leg and stung me and I went into a large state of panic and started hitting the bee and my leg. After that I rode on a short while and suddenly realized my ring was gone! I went back to the street where it happened but could not remember the exact spot. Spent at least an hour searching, become more hysterical every second and being too scared to call my husband. Finally I gave up and phoned him, though he only heard something about a bee and scooter and thought I fell! He was not angry at all! When he arrived I hugged him and at that moment I saw my ring. Thought of that as a pretty good sign that I have chosen the right man.. :P

That is why I hate bees, they have something against me. I am not even going to start on spiders.. Have been bitten once now I just run away.. hehe.

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