Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My ratties...

Since I can remember we have had rats in our home. So as soon as could I started looking for my own rat in Pietermaritzburg. I finally found her in a pet shop in the beginning of June. She was a light brown colour when I got her but overnight (it seems) she started showing some siamese markings. Named her Izzy and she is a very temperamental and moody rat.


A week later we went to Bloemfontein where my sister gave me my second girl, Lily. One should not have favourites but she is definitely mine. She always comes up for a quick cuddle and loves posing for photos.


In September I decided to get 2 more girls, mostly for Lily's sake cause Izzy is not really a playful rat and Lily is. I have always wanted a black rat and after a search that went on for two weeks I finally found her. I also took one of her sisters, who to this day can be classified as a real doofus who only eats and sleeps. :) The black girl was named Pan and though she was very shy at first, she is usually the first one climbing on me when I open the cage.


The other girl started out as a brown hooded, but turned into siamese with a few brown spots remaining on her back. Named her Penny.


So that is my ratties! Apart from a dog they are the best pets someone can have!

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