Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My ratties

These are my girls, past and present. Now I am one of those people who can't think of a rat as a pest, but rather as a very entertaining pet.

Izzy is my eldest. She is a Siamese. She can be extremely grumpy on some days, and is the only rat who has ever bitten me. She can also be the most lovable rattie if she is given the chance.

This is Penny, my other Siamese. I never thought that something like a dumb rat existed, but she proved otherwise :). She is not always aware of things happening around her, and can sleep through any loud sound it seems. She also got a new habit of taking a bit of food with her whenever I take her out. Oh yes, she loves to eat. She is also the softest little rattie I have ever met, with the loveliest fur.


This was Lily, my little sweetheart. She was a black-hooded. She was the tamest and most lovable of all my rats. She was also fabulous when it comes to posing for photos. She unfortunately started to develop some breathing problems, and had to be put down on the 30th of November 2009.I don't know how many times I said goodbye to her, thinking each time I was not going to see her the next day but she kept pulling through, up to the day she gave me such a look and I knew it was time.

And finally my little girl Pan, a black rattie. She took the longest to become completely tame, but once she got hold of you, she would not stop licking you! :) Unfortunately she was my first rattie to develop a tumour underneath her front leg. On the day Lily was taken to the vet she went along for an opinion, but it turned out the tumour was inoperable. She was also put down on the 30th of November 2009. I never really got to say goodbye to her, but I console myself on the fact that my rats all got an equal amount of love and attention, so she was never neglected in that department.