Monday, April 12, 2010

Post of randomness

Yes, randomness. If there is such a feeling, I am feeling it right now. I haven't felt like blogging for the past week, I sat down many times eagerly, but got up just as eagerly as well :). This is how I usually feel after a long weekend (wait, wasn't it just weekend?) Our long weekend was spend at home, doing absolutely nothing. It was also a tragic weekend, when yet another rat of mine passed away (now this blog is becoming too morbid), but I will do a whole post just about her soon. Basically she died on the 1st of April, and it was also that night we realized that we don't own a shovel... After trying to dig through ground that consists of quite an amount of hard clay with all types of tools not made for digging, we went to the shops bright and early the next day to purchase a shovel.

The week seemed to fly by however, a week in which I did nothing... I think we did more yesterday than I did the whole week lol. First we went to Makro, which is an awesome shop with something of almost everything. You can buy a lot of things in bulk there, like a box with 12 slabs of chocolate, which I were not permitted to buy, even though I said it would last very long (fair enough, it won't last that long lol). Then we went to the shops next door. A factory shop!! For those that do not know, its a shop that stocks all the rejected and often damaged clothes from the big chain stores, like Edgars, Mr. Price and Identity (these were the brands I found there) and sells them for a third of the original price. It was glorious! And its just 5 minutes drive from our home! Most of the clothes need an expert to see what is wrong, they looked fine to me. Others may have had a stitch wrong, or a button missing, but hey, you get to choose your own buttons :)

Also bought a hat and a colouring book, but I'll talk about those later. We are going to Bloem in 2 weeks time, so I have a lot to do before then, a little fall cleaning perhaps? Yay it's almost winter!

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