Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weddings and sunburn...

Well, I am back home and feeling a little better than I did in my previous post, but only a little and for a different reason for which I will give in my next post. Early Friday morning me, my husband and the 2 rats took to the road. The road felt longer this time, perhaps cause we were stuck behind trucks a couple of times. We got to Bloemfontein a little later then expected, and me and my mom quickly started to fix up my dress for the following day. I just loved this dress since the first time I saw it in the shop, but it was a little big on the sides so we had to take it in a bit.

On Saturday morning we yet again took to the road, though this was only a 3 hour drive. Yet it felt really long as well. We passed a dam that I haven't seen since I was little, the Gariep Dam. Last time I were there it had overflowed and the whole area had been under water.

The wedding ceremony was held in a small town called Burgersdorp, in the garden of a guest house.

Gorgeous ain't it? I loved the dress the bride wore, looked so nice and cool.

The reception was held at their house in Burgersdorp. They have a huge garden, and the tables were placed under a large marquis tent. The only problem there was that it was so hot underneath the tent you could barely sit there. At one stage we walked out to get into the breeze and I got such bad sunburn that I am still sore even now. Luckily just my shoulders and my back. The food was very good, cold meats and salads. After a long and tiring day we went home to Bloemfontein.

Sunday was spend with breakfast with some friends, then a braai at my sister's house, and then yummy sushi with friends yet again. Early Monday we were on our way back. At this stage it feels like winter is approaching, which is above all my favourite season :)

On Tuesday we went to watch The Lovely Bones. It was a really beautiful movie. I also bought the book, but at this stage I am reading about 4 books at once so I should probably finish one of them soon :)

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