Monday, May 18, 2009

Stupid flu...

The weekend was supposed to be very active, with discoveries of new places. And in the end... I sat on the couch almost the entire weekend, with an aching body and very sore throat. Ah yes, the joys of flu :\ Luckily not all was lost! We had another dinner with our new friends on Friday, plus I made a new Afrikaans friend! We have almost the same interests (though she is in a relationship with another girl) hehe but I had such a nice time chatting to her. In a city where everything is English its nice to find someone who speaks the same language as you do. And frankly, I can speak two languages if that counts for something!

Not much else has happened seeing as I was on the couch watching movies (Australia is really a nice movie and Mirrors is actually not that bad!) Hopefully I will be fine again by Friday when my family arrives for the Comrades Marathon. It's starting in our city this year so we don't have to make an extremely early drive down to Durban. Wow it really feels as if I was run over or something, my body is aching everywhere! We had a bit of a run in with some bad viennas, after eating two and wondering about the funny burning sensation we realized it had expired two weeks ago! We went right back to the shop who gave us a fresh packet. No symptoms of food poisoning have showed yet so thankfully we skipped that.

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Karen said...

Will zzzzaaaapppp the flu for you tonight on the LIFE :-) because I don't want to catch it from you!
Seeing forward to our visit... will be a nice brothers/sisters "kuier"