Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy dreams!

I am used to having insane dreams. I am one of those people that start dreaming as soon as I fall asleep. Except when under anaesthesia lol. For a while now I have been able to "control" myself in my dreams. I may not know the place where I find myself, but I can tell myself that I am dreaming and just enjoy it. This has started happening more often (which may mean I am slowly going insane maybe...) even to such a point that a while back in the mall I asked my husband if I were awake! Did not really feel like it but being ill sure jumbles up your brain a lot.

This morning I woke up quite early, but seeing as my husband is away till tomorrow I decided to go back to sleep. Suddenly my husband was with me, telling me that he came back early from the trip because there was too much rain. Puzzled I asked him whether I was dreaming and he just laughed at me and then he went to work. I dozed off again and when I finally got up I felt like something was wrong. Going into the kitchen I saw that the window was shattered (this being the huge window which does not exist in the first place however, but I wasn't really looking at detail. I quickly ran to the second bedroom where our computers are kept, and found that they only took my husband's monitor (the computer was still running which was a relieve as we are downloading something lol) while my computer was luckily still there. The windows here was also broken. I frantically started moving through the house and found only my cellphone and the house phone, seriously?, missing. I needed to phone my husband badly and went to the neighbours house, which turned out to be my parents' house, to phone him. Seeing as my parents live 600km away, that should have made sense lol. Things got more dim from then on, and I woke up soon after.

Crazy hey? But it did feel so real :) 

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