Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almost back to work

So much for getting excited about finishing the part time job I had a while back, seems I am going back. They discussed me at their performance meeting and decided that they want me back for another month. So yay, I am starting on Thursday. At least it means another month's salary :)

As for the whole TTC thing, another no go month just past. It hurts so much each time. I am currently on CD7 and might be trying some OPKs this cycle. Here is to hoping :)

Furthermore things have been quite uneventful, mainly because we have been spending all our free time in front of the computer. I started playing Lord of the Rings online and it is so addictive!

I am torn about NaNoWriMo. I know there will be enough time to finish but the last time I worked I was so tired in the evenings and writing was the last thing on my mind. Will see how I feel when the 1st of November arrives. At least for now, I will only think about the job and the yummy sushi we'll be having tomorrow night :)

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