Friday, June 5, 2009

This has been a crazy week...

Well, I have had a very interesting, yet really tiring week. It all started last Thursday when we were invited to a fashion show! I have never been at one, except for the embarrassing show I was in, yes.. IN, in seventh grade to show of the clothes we made for needlework class... :\ I just need to block that out quickly... OK I am OK, can go on now... The present day fashion show was held at the Golden Horse casino here in PMB, which is a really impressive building with this huge winged horse in front of it (I keep forgetting to take a picture). It was not really what I imagined cause it turned out to be a pre-show to the one held on the Saturday, but one of our friend's clothes were being featured. Apart from temporary deafness caused by sitting next to a speaker it was so much fun (there were even boys in swimwear... lol) I sooo wanted to take nice pics but my camera has a problem with small, darkish places. I managed these two pics:

My company for the evening :) This is my husband and our first friend we made here.

This is one of the pics that worked, just to show some of the clothes.

On Friday we went to Pinetown to buy my new computer parts... YES!!! I once again have a working computer! :D On Saturday we had lunch at the place we went to for our anniversary in January, this time in sunshine! So this is the pic of the patio area:

We went there with a friend and two of her friends from Pretoria (or Johannesburg, can't remember). I had some homemade chicken and mushroom pie with mash and veggies this time and it was yummy... :) It was the perfect day, just look at our view:

After that we went to the cutest little shop called Blue Spiral that sells all kinds of clothes and jewelery. After that we started to make our way home when somebody behind us started flashing us like crazy! We first thought it may be an idiot but then he called out flat tyre... Ah.. the nice end to a nice day... not. We were standing on a off ramp to the highway for almost two hours waiting for some help cause our tire was stuck. And so we continued our outing there beside the road. :)

The Sunday, still recovering from the annoyance of the previous day, we spent the whole day in front of the computers, not even bothering to get out of our pyjamas. My husband and I did the LAN thing for the whole day which in my view is sheer heaven.

Monday passed eventless but on Tuesday we took the long road to Pretoria. I can honestly say that I will never be able to live in that place. Yes it can be pretty I guess, but seeing the area under a cloud of smokey air pollution was quite a shock. And you never feel save there, too much crime. We first went to the museum to say hi to the friend we were staying with and was quite impressed with the size of the place. The next day I stayed at her house all on my own as my husband attended a full day meeting. At least that evening we went out to dinner at Menlyn, which is a gigantic mall. And the next day we came back. After spending two nights on a three quarter bed, trying not to fall off, I was starting to feel a little homesick. Gauteng is like the Free State where I grew up, flat and brownish, always looking dry. Our home on the other hand is surrounded by mountains and everything is green... though we were greeted by a bunch of cows at our complex gate... hehe that was strange and weird! So yes, I felt very happy when we came back yesterday. Even happier after we went to the mall and bought The Sims 3! Now I got something to do when my husband is in Cape Town next week! :)


Tails said...

Ahh a LAN, also my idea of fun!! :P And of course, dont get me started on The Sims 3! Hehe!! In fact, what am I still doing online! I was going to load the game after my own blog post and here I am...reading other blogs haha!!! *dashes off to Sim*

Karen said...

Hi there... it's freezing in Bloem as well. Thus, I'm not doing my daily "walkie" now, but I'm going to make me a cup of coffee.
How's your training for Comrades for 2012 coming?? You can watch my new blog - Van onfiks tot Comrades in 3 jaar. Will see if somthing comes from it.